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How To “Respond Publicly as Owner” to a Bad Google Places Review

I’m the first person to tell a dentist, if you’re going to use a consumer review service, use Google Places. Sure, you could use Yelp! or Merchant Circle, and I certainly don’t discount the SEO benefits of using multiple services. However, only Google Places allows a dentist to “respond publicly as the owner” to a… Read more »

Get Popular: Hook Up Your Dental Practice with Google Places

Did you know that it takes a person 9 seconds to type in a Google search query? Google produces results in ~300 milliseconds. (Talk about a super highway!)  Then, the user – your potential patient – chooses the website he likes best in about 15 seconds. These numbers are based on Google’s extensive research. Google… Read more »

MDPM Is Ready For The Future Of Google Analytics

You want to see results when you spend time, effort, and money on your digital marketing. Assessing data and making changes to your approach is key to setting up and maintaining your efforts; after all, you want to be sure you are getting a positive ROI (return on investment). For years, Google Analytics has been… Read more »

Google Updates Google + Business Page Ranking Factors

Check out the updated help page entitled: Improve your local rankings on Google. Google went ahead and added more information on local ranking factors to the page, leveling it up. Prior to this update, there were about 5 paragraphs on the topic, but now there’s nearly double that, including more specific details. How does this… Read more »

How to Get More Patient Testimonials

Inspirational speaker Zig Ziglar said, “When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.” Though his hay day was during the 90s, Zig’s words still ring true. Dentists in private practice are also business owners, and marketing is an essential part of their success…. Read more »

Reduce Your Risk for Bad Reviews from Dental Patients

This article isn’t about reputation management, Yelp!, or choosing verbiage to respond to negative patient reviews. Instead, I want to discuss how your team members’ words and actions are interpreted by patients. Most often, dentists who receive bad reviews that mention kind, caring, reputable team members feel betrayed by the reviewing patient. Doctors may also… Read more »

Dentist Reputation Management and Online Reviews

Disgruntled Former Employees Leaving Fake Reviews I received a call from a dear client of mine one weekend. He had recently experienced some disappointing behavior in a long-time employee, and he had to let her go. The problem was, this employee had the passwords to his social networking accounts, blog, website CMS, and other important… Read more »

How Important Is Social Networking for Dentists?

How many new patients have you ever gotten from Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter, Pinterest, MySpace? The answer is probably none, if you’re like most dentists. I’m disappointed in dental marketing companies who shout “social networking” from the hilltops just because dentists, by nature, are interested in new things. At MDPM, we’ve helped dentists set up Facebook… Read more »