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10 Things to Tell Your Dental Marketing Company

The best dental marketing company can help your practice grow, but they can’t do it alone. Why? Because today, people expect a personal touch in marketing – particularly from a private practice, and even more so from a healthcare provider. In the past, a dentist could hang up a sign and patients would book appointments…. Read more »

Indian-Based SEOs and Your Dentistry Website

Do Indians Do It Better? Everyone who owns a website receives emails about bigger, better, and cheaper search engine optimization. I’ve run a successful dental website company for years, and every single day I get emails about how “Mark” or “Sally” can make my website rank higher on Google because of their highly successful technical… Read more »

Is it Time to Update Your Dental Website Text?

How Google Indexes Websites In case you’re new to this blog, I’ll say it again: Google holds over 93% of the market for search engines, and Bing and Yahoo fight it out with the little guys for the remaining 7%. So, it just makes sense that online marketing strategists turn to Google for information on… Read more »

Tips for Best Dental Website Keywords

You’ve probably heard the term “keyword” quite a bit, especially if your dentist office has a website that’s optimized for search. Do you know what keywords are, how they should be selected, and how to leverage them for the best SEO results and top Google rankings? You may not be an SEO guru, but informed… Read more »

5 Secrets to Best Dentist Website SEO

Today, I watched a video about how SEO grows over time. It’s true. We know that organic SEO is better than paid search: 70% of web users don’t click on PPC ads, like Adwords on Google, and when you stop funding your PPC account, your ads go away. With organic search, once your dentist website… Read more »

Guest Blogging: A Proven Link Building Strategy for Dentist Websites

First of all, let’s explore what link building is. Google gives your dentist website SEO credit if links to your site come from reputable, related resources. For instance, if the American Dental Association linked to your website, you’d get some really good credit. Likewise, if your fellow dentists linked to your site, Google may rank… Read more »

A Marketing Innovation: Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Dental Websites

What is a responsive, mobile-friendly website? http://youtu.be/KUfOu06R1S0 Research tells us that 70% of web users look online for health care services and today, smart phones and tablets are more popular than ever. Dentists need to understand that patients are looking for their services online, and often on a mobile device. MDPM Consulting builds custom websites… Read more »

Converting Web Visitors to New Patients

Sometimes Google Analytics numbers show that a website and blog are receiving good traffic and ranking high for targeted keywords, but the data doesn’t translate to telephone calls and new patients. Many dentists become frustrated with this situation, as do the website companies that manage SEO. Instead of becoming frustrated, let’s analyze this situation to… Read more »

“What Makes Your Dental Websites Better?”

Not everyone asks this question when interviewing a dental website designer, but it is an important question that should be asked. What makes your websites better than others? Any company that is not prepared to answer this question, without using jargon and sales BS, isn’t worth your time. I was speaking with a respected Florida… Read more »