Month: February 2012

Brand Continuity for Social Networking Dentists

With Facebook’s new Timeline for business and LinkedIn offering what amounts to business “likes,” savvy dentists should make certain that their brand is continuous throughout all of their websites, blogs, and social profiles. Website: A dental website should feature a dental practice logo that will represent the practice in print, on signage, and on the… Read more »

Facebook for Business Coming Wednesday!

If Facebook does indeed launch Timeline for business on Wednesday—which is the rumor—dentists should be prepared to update their business page ASAP. You’ll probably have three months to switch your page to Timeline voluntarily before Facebook takes charge and forces the switch.  How much cooler will you look, though, if your page has Timeline before… Read more »

The Truth About Page One Google Results Promises

No One But Google Can Truthfully Promise a Ranking Position — and that’s the truth. Dentists are constantly pestered with emails about how they should go with a shiny new SEO strategy for first page Google results. If you’re looking for the facts, this blog should help you. The text in italics was sent to… Read more »

5 Ways to Boost Local Buzz About Your Dental Office

At MDPM, we work on local marketing with an Internet strategy, but dentists should participate in other forms of local marketing to make a name for their practice in their community. While the web can bring you a host of new patients, boosting local buzz will improve word-of-mouth referrals and brand recognition for your office…. Read more »

6 Tips for Choosing a Dental Practice Name

In my years of writing and marketing for dentists, I’ve discovered that many don’t use a dental practice name. Instead, they go by their full name with the DDS or DMD designation. Some select a website domain name that could become their practice name, but they never move forward with making it official. The problem… Read more »

Dental Branding Packages

We’ve discussed logos, branding, websites, and blogs — as well as search engine optimization for dental offices — here on the MDPM blog. I want to tell you how all of this fits together. We’re going to use a client whose website will go live in the next week, Dr. Ron Kaminer of Long Island,… Read more »

Selecting Keywords for Dental Websites and Blogs

Let’s talk about keywords for a minute. I read an article today at, and it made some valid points that I want to translate to dental marketing. Author Jenny Jalasz tells us that coming up with keywords is a process that involves breaking information into three areas. I’ve always done this in my own… Read more »

Facebook Timeline for Business—and Dentists!

Sometimes I feel like a paparazzi, craving the hot news about Hollywood stars—but it’s not the stars that interest me. It’s Internet marketing. Rumor has it, Facebook will launch Timeline for businesses on or around the end of this month. By March, your dental practice’s Facebook page could look a LOT different—better, actually. Here’s what… Read more »

What is Content Marketing for Dentists and Small Businesses?

Experts tell us that social networking is the future of marketing. Just as every dentist (and every business) needs a website today, tomorrow everyone will need to be plugged in to social media. Have you heard the term content marketing? It has to do with creating original content—like articles, blog posts, videos, and photos—then sharing… Read more »

Internet Marketing for Dentists: How Google Works

Remember Encyclopedia Britannica? The multi-volume set used to be sold by door-to-door salesmen. Your parents may have invested a small fortune in a complete set of leather-bound encyclopedias to provide an amazing resource for you and your siblings. A set of encyclopedias displayed in the living room also told house guests that your family valued… Read more »