Month: November 2017

How Do You Create Audience Based Content?

Often, when a dental practice debuts their website, they give little thought to who they are creating content for. Focusing purely on keywords and other SEO strategies, and less on content, can actually end up hindering your growth. Fortunately, we can help with a few tips on creating audience based content.

Making Sure Your Local SEO Is Holiday Ready

The holidays are just weeks away! Are you ready? As dental professionals, you’ll be seeing people for last minute appointments before the year ends. You also want to make sure you’re ready for the new year as well. To help, we’re going to include a handy little check list (feel free to check it twice)… Read more »

Start 2018 With Greater Security

December is already here! In just a few weeks, we can say goodbye to 2017 as a new year is ushered in. A new year is also a new chance to start fresh and update your website and online marketing strategy. If your dental website still has an HTTP in the URL, then you may… Read more »

Want To Try Our Kit In 2018?

With 2017 coming to an end, you need to start thinking about your 2018 online marketing strategy. Social media can be a great way to help boost your SEO strategy, as well as a great method of staying in touch with your patients. For 2018, why not try our social media kit?

How Do Reviews Help My SEO?

Yesterday, we looked at five unique SEO tips. In today’s blog, we would like to take a more detailed look at one in particular: The benefits of good reviews. Positive reviews can help your SEO and also make your practice more attractive to people looking for dental care in your community. In addition, we have… Read more »

5 SEO Tips You Should Implement

Search engine optimization can help your website enjoy a higher ranking when people look for a dentist in your community. But how do you implement a solid SEO strategy? In today’s blog, we’re going to look a few often-overlooked strategies for improving your overall search engine optimization.

3 Steps For Writing Strong Blog Copy

When we talk about writing blogs, we often focus on formats and the use of keywords and links. While these are integral to successful blogging, you also need to have interesting content. After all, keywords and links get a person there, but your content keeps them around (and perhaps, helps them choose you over other… Read more »

Do You Have Questions About Content Marketing?

You know what’s great about content marketing? No matter what changes Google makes to their algorithms, no matter what updates or tweaks occur, you’re good. After all, original and well-written content with a local focus will offer what users need, and therefore, Google will tend to direct people to these sites. As a dentist, this… Read more »

Gestalt Theory And Website Design

We’ve blogged before about the ways psychology can influence design, including the moods and atmosphere that color and shape can create. In today’s blog, we would like to focus on the Gestalt Theory. The word Gestalt means “unified whole” and refers to the way we perceive a grouping of similar objects as one thing. Understanding… Read more »

How Do You Write A Community Blog?

Blogging can help your practice grow, offering SEO benefits and showcasing your expertise as a dentist. However, that doesn’t mean every topic needs to focus only on dental treatment and procedures. Occasionally, blogging about your community can offer serious benefits. How do you write a community blog? What topics should you cover?