Month: September 2018

Client Feature: Dr. Robert Cederberg

It’s finally Friday, and we’ve been dying to reach the end of the week because that means it’s time for another client feature! We feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work on behalf of, and alongside so many amazing dental practices across the country. We like to take a moment (or a blog… Read more »

Knowing The Right Marketing Terms Can Help Your Practice

Offering great dental care is crucial to the success of your practice. Of course, if no one knows how to contact you, or that you are offering this care, success can be difficult to secure. Setting up a website for your dental practice can help you establish yourself, and promote your services in your area…. Read more »

How Quality Blogs Help You Reach More People Online

Having a modern, well-maintained website can help you promote your practice, and reach more potential patients. You can extend those advantages by featuring a regularly updated blog page. It can be easy to think of blogging as recreational, or to see it as an effort to engage with people on the subject of dental care…. Read more »

How To Build Your Practice’s Social Media Presence

Most business owners understand that they could benefit from social media, or they’ve heard that they should be using these tools. However, if you’re not currently using social media, starting can feel overwhelming. How do you get started? What do you have to say? As these questions pile up, it can be easier to just… Read more »

Is Your Site Prominent Enough To Attract Potential Patients?

You obviously want people in your area to find your website during relevant online searches. Part of that goal is simply to ensure you have effective SEO, and rank above other practices. You also need to make sure your website has more online prominence, meaning there are compelling reasons to see it as more worthy… Read more »

Client Feature: Dr. Jack Schwartz

Thank goodness it’s Friday, because that means it’s time for another client spotlight! Each week, we like to take a moment (or a blog post rather) to give a shout out to one of the amazing clients with which we have the great fortune to work. This weeks client is a new addition to the… Read more »

Are You Showing Up In Local “Near Me” Searches?

What do you need to do to make sure people near you are finding your practice when they search for dental care “near me”? When it comes to seeing value in search results, the proximity of the places a person finds can be important. If you want to make sure people who are close by… Read more »

Making Sure Social Media Benefits Your Practice

Have you looked to social media as a way boost the visibility of your practice? Are you relying on it to communicate with your current patients? While it can seem ever-present in our personal lives, you may have overlooked the ways in which a business profile for your practice can help you. With a business… Read more »

It’s Time to Celebrate Your Practice

Managing a dental practice takes time and resources. It is, after all, a business. However, just because your dental practice has to function as a business, doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of personality! Case in point: Celebrating milestones. As a person, when something good happens to you, you celebrate it. You let… Read more »

We Can Make Sure Your Website Is Built For Better SEO

What do you need to do to make sure search engines like Google see value in your site, and recommend you when people in your area search matters related to dental care? Good search engine optimization, or SEO, can be key if you want to successfully attract potential patients to your practice through your website…. Read more »