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Content Marketing Plans For 2023

2023 new year conceptWhile 2023 can be counted on to present unique challenges and opportunities, there is likely one goal you have that carried over from all of your practice’s years in operation. Simply put, you want your dental office to enjoy more success throughout the new year! Whether that means growing your patient list, securing more opportunities to perform a certain type of care, or strengthening relationships with the people who already see you, the right online presence helps. MDPM Dental Marketing can help you find ways to reach your goals, and we can do so while keeping you current with your website marketing.

Improvements in technology, updates to search algorithms, and changes in website design preferences occur from year to year. With our support, you can keep up with any new developments that could impact the way you conduct yourself digitally. We go beyond simply building new sites or providing timely redesigns. Our support also includes SEO-driven content and social media activity, the introduction of important interactive features, and feedback to help you see what your online efforts are doing to connect you with the right people. Read More

Using Organic Content To Boost SEO

The time and effort that you put into establishing your dental practice is obviously important. After all, you want people to feel confident that their smile will enjoy the right kind of support, and that they will enjoy the right patient experiences. To help make sure you are reaching people, you need to think about how visible you are online. MDPM Consulting has experience helping new and established dental practices make the most of their digital outreach. A comprehensive online marketing plan can include a number of approaches, including social media management and PPC (pay-per-click) Google advertising. To secure long-term marketing success and visibility in the right searches, we provide valuable support through original content creation and organic SEO. This focus on organically boosting your visibility on Google will help you make significant and lasting strides for promoting your practice and services! Read More

SEO Trends For 2020 That You Need To Know

As the new year comes into focus, you may be taking stock of your successes last year and how you can build on them. Part of that tactic is exploring trends. Knowing what is bubbling up or around the corner can help you stay ahead of the curve and be in front of customers instead of trying to catch up with what they want and need. For businesses that focus their efforts on search engine optimization (SEO) when delivering content to audiences, there are several strategies they can implement in 2020, according to experts in the field. These trends involve truly understanding your customers and how they interact with your content and what they want from your business, creating content that is specific and valuable in helping them make good decisions for themselves, and focusing on how your offline world affects your online reputation and the role it plays in how you are ranked in search engines. Let us take a deeper look at these trends.  

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How Keyword Optimization Fits Into Modern Digital Marketing

As Google and other search engines have made updates to their algorithms, they have become increasingly capable of recognizing websites that try to “trick” their way into better rankings. Thanks to search engine improvements, sites that once received high spots in important search terms because of heavy keyword and link usage have lost out to pages that have more value for visitors. With that said, you should NOT assume that keywords and links have no more value in site content. The presence of both can help Google and other search engines index sites, and determine when they might be relevant in different search queries. When we discuss organic SEO support for our clients, we emphasize the value of website content that is original, relevant, accurate, and user-friendly. As part of our commitment to creating and sharing useful content, we pay attention to keyword research, and take care to use the right words and phrases to make sure you are receiving high rankings in the right searches. Read More

Providing Timely Content On Your Website And Social Media

When you create more content on your website, you produce more links that Google and other search engines can share. There is an obvious benefit to this, but when your ranks receive lower rankings, you can gain little from your effort. As part of our SEO support, we can create original content for your site that can earn higher ranks, and help you introduce your practice to more people in your area. The “right” content can change over time, but it is important to remember that a search engine’s ultimate goal is to give people the most effective links for their searches. Because of this, we emphasize an organic approach to SEO, and craft content that can help people as well as hold their attention. Including timely content on your website can help you address concerns that are seasonal, or related to outside events. Posts of this nature can help you create new topics, capitalize on different keywords, and place you in more SERPs (search engine results pages). This can benefit your overall goal of reaching new patients, and generating new appointments, particularly when it is smartly balanced with relevant general content.  Read More

The Importance Of Valuable Content In Online Marketing

Content creation can be an important aspect of your SEO success…as long as you approach it in the right way. A successful approach to content marketing calls for material that is knowledgeable, relevant, engaging for readers, and structured in a way that helps your links rank highly on Google and other search engines. Unfortunately, many SEO “experts” recommend an approach that is outdated, unhelpful, and lacking in value. Our background working with dental offices has helped us write content that can be clear, informative, and SEO-friendly. Featuring blogs regularly on your website will help you communicate what services you offer, and become easier for people near you to find online! In addition to crafting quality content on an ongoing basis, we can provide effective content for your site pages when doing a website redesign, or when building a brand new website! Read More

The Role Good Content Plays In Boosting A Site’s SEO

What role is content on your website really supposed to serve? Are you trying to entertain, inform, or just use posts to pack in keywords and links that can help boost your SEO? In the past, websites have focused on using their content to communicate with search engines like Google, at the expense of creating something that people would actually find useful. Unfortunately for those sites, search engine algorithms have improved to the point where this strategy can offer little benefit today. Google wants users to find links that have real value. Because of this, you need to make sure your content is original, helpful, and written for real people. As part of our commitment to giving practices a serious SEO boost, we can provide content that successfully communicates with Google, and with potential patients, in order to help you reach more people! Read More

Quality Content Can Be Vital For Effective Online Marketing

If you want to enjoy the benefits of online marketing, your goal should be to create site links that receive the highest rankings possible on search engines. By maintaining a webpage that is regularly updated with new content, you create more links for people to find when they look for dental care, or have questions about their oral health. So how can you make sure your content is easy to find? Quality content has become crucial for online marketing, as Google and other search engines have become better at identifying useful information. Technical measures also matter, but algorithms are increasingly able to recognize quality work from posts that use superficial tricks to boost their SEO. This is why we make sure our clients receive original, quality content for their websites! Read More