Month: July 2015

Why Should I Blog?

As a dentist, do you offer a blog as part of your online marketing strategy? While a dental website is crucial for improving SEO, a blog can provide a number of benefits and help improve your search engine optimization rankings. What does blogging accomplish? How do you write posts properly to draw in readers and… Read more »

5 Important Tips for Improving SEO

Search engine optimization can improve your rankings in a Google search engine results page. With the right approach you can make your practice easier to find when people look for a dentist. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve your SEO and help your business grow.

Better User Experience Can Improve SEO

As Google continues to update their algorithms, we must also continue to update our approach to SEO. Search engine optimization no longer consists of only keywords and links. Now, you must take customer and user experience into account when designing a dental website or blog. Otherwise, you don’t climb the rankings of a Google search… Read more »

10 Tips for Better Social Media Posts

Social media is no longer optional when it comes to your online marketing strategy. Even if you are operating a dental practice, you need an online presence that extends beyond your website and blog. How do you make successful social media posts? What can you do to drive traffic to your social media pages and… Read more »

Do You Know Your Patients’ Family Trees?

When a patient comes to your practice he/she is looking for a professional who can improve the health and possibly the appearance of his/her smile. As the doctor, how much should you know about the patient’s family tree? Is a patient’s family history crucial for maintaining optimal oral health?

What Makes a Good Web Design?

As you are probably aware, any successful business needs a quality website in order to attract new clients and maintain a professional appearance. As a dentist or medical professional, you need a site that looks good and is easily navigable, in other words, a good web design. What makes a good web design? What should… Read more »

SEO is Dead, Long Live SEO

Over the past several years search engine optimization has changed dramatically. Some people have even said traditional SEO is dead, since the reliance on simple keywords and links isn’t as important as in years prior. However, search engine optimization is alive and well. Now, instead of shoehorning keywords into your text your website should focus… Read more »

The Scoop on Local Listings

Local listings have been a buzzword floating around digital marketing articles for a little while now, and — as MDPM’s Technical Director — I get a lot of questions about local listings, so I want to explain a little bit about this unique aspect of SEO.

Why Do I Need Testimonials or Reviews?

Do you have a place on your dental website for potential patients to read testimonials? Do you encourage satisfied patients to leave reviews? If not, you could be ignoring a key component of your online reputation management. Good reviews can help potential clients choose your practice and even provide an SEO boost, improving your ranking… Read more »

7 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Are you making common blogging mistakes in your content marketing strategy? A successful SEO strategy often includes a blog. Over the years, we’ve discussed the frequency of blogging and correct keyword and link strategies, but what about other common mistakes when it comes to blogging? By understanding the do’s and don’ts of blogging, you can ensure… Read more »