Month: February 2016

Who Owns My Google+ Page?

Recently, we encountered an unusual issue. We took on a new client who was transferring from another company. In response, the company, who offers local search and website services for dentists, refused to give the client access to their own Google+ page. They claimed they had the right to do this, as the Google+ page was… Read more »

What Kind Of Photos Does My Site Need?

Often when we’re working with a client, we may be asked, “What kind of photos does my site need?” Images are a major component of your web design and esthetic. By including well-done, high quality images, potential patients are more likely to see you as a professional and a business they want to be a patron of. However,… Read more »

Why You Need A Mobile-Friendly Website: The Numbers

Do you find yourself or the people around you glued to their phones? More than ever, smartphones have become crucial to multiple aspects of our lives. Whether searching for directions, looking up a business, or – in very rare cases – making a call, more and more people are depending on their smartphones. That is… Read more »

How Do You Improve Social Media Engagement?

In recent years, the way we reach new potential clients has changed dramatically. More than ever, businesses and practices are depending on social media to reach out to people and provide a much-needed SEO boost. How do you accomplish this on a social networking site? How do you improve social media engagement?

Why Use Open Graph Meta Tags On Your Website?

So you create content and publish it on your website. That content is considered king. But why? Many reasons come up, but one stands out in relation to this post on Open Graph Meta Tags: shareability. One of the many reasons for content creation is to share it with your target audience. Then, you want… Read more »

Voice Search Is Changing Everything!

The title may seem hyperbolic, and the exclamation mark a little much, but the sentiment is true. As people rely more and more on their smartphones to conduct online searches, voice search has become more important than ever. Not only is this completely changing our approach to SEO, it is also changing things for the… Read more »

Do You Have Questions About Our Social Media Kit?

“Today is George Washington’s birthday, or as many know it – President’s Day. Check out this interesting article on Huffington Post about the most generous Presidents throughout history.” The above blurb and picture is an example of a post from our new complimentary social media kit. With specially curated content and an editorial calendar delivered… Read more »

How To Optimize A Single Page Website

If you haven’t noticed yet, single page websites are all the rave right now. Design-wise they are wonderful. But from a technical standpoint, it makes most SEOs cringe. Don’t roast your internet marketing agency just yet, because there are ways to optimize your one page website, including separating your content into sections wrapped into DIVs, ensuring… Read more »

What’s More Important, Keywords or Topics?

We’ve answered the question “why do we blog” so many times. A blog serves a number of different functions. A well-written blog post can help improve your reputation as an expert in your field. Additionally, the steady stream of original, accurate, optimized, new content can provide a boost to your website’s SEO value. But, should… Read more »

A New Year And A New Approach To Marketing

The Chinese New Year has arrived! Just a few weeks ago, we started the western New Year with a lot of promise. How have you done so far? If you don’t think you’ve accomplished all you set out to, here’s another chance. Join the millions of people around the world celebrating the Chinese New Year… Read more »