Month: July 2011

Honey, Don’t You Notice Anything Different About Me Today?!

Has MDPM lost weight? New haircut? Nope. We’ve added the Google +1 widget to our sidebar! Everyone seems interested in Google+ since its launch a few weeks ago. In fact, just yesterday, MedMonthly asked me to write an article on the new social network. (Stay tuned for the article with all the juicy details.) Just… Read more »

“How will my blog work?”

A few months ago, a dentist called us, and we set up a blog to complement his existing website. Now that the blog is up and rolling, he wants to know how people will get to his information. Are blog posts emailed to his patients? Can visitors subscribe? What does a blog do for his… Read more »

Make New Marketing Plans but Keep the Old

Yes, for a brief time, I was a Brownie. One of the Girl Scout songs that still plays in my mind has the lyrics: Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, and the other’s gold. Corny, huh? I know. But when I was thinking about an email conversation I had with a… Read more »

Why Dentists Need Two or More Websites

In discussing websites with a consultant, I discovered that some people discount the power of the Internet as a source of new patients. I was shocked – but I probably shouldn’t have been. Every day, I’m immersed in Internet stuff – email alerts from the Google Webmaster blog and SEO gurus; reports from my employees… Read more »

“I’m a Doctor, Jim, Not a Blogger!”

When marketing experts start lecturing you on blogging, do you feel like Dr. “Bones” McCoy? You’re a doctor, not a writer, and  you thought that final thesis was the last composition you’d have to endure. Or maybe  you are a writer, but your texts are written for doctors and scientists, not the general public. Either… Read more »

Top 10 Blog Ideas for Dentists

This morning, Hubspot sent me an email with a guide to spotting bad SEO. In it, buyers were told to beware of ten specific tactics, three of which relate to writing. I strongly agree with all three. So, to blogging dentists, I want to reiterate these points before going into blog topics. Target the Right… Read more »

So You Don’t Know How to Use a Blog

This is a pretty general statement, but if it describes you, then settle in and read this post. If you don’t know how to use blogging software, like WordPress or Blogger… These are the most popular free blogging tools. WordPress actually has two options, and The .com allows hosting with WordPress. Customization is… Read more »

When Dentists Don’t Have Time to Write Blogs

You’re busy. As a dentist, you have a business to run, patients to treat, and people to manage. And let’s not forget, you also need to plan your marketing, keep up with P&L, and accrue CEs. When on earth are you supposed to find time to blog? While some social media experts preach that business… Read more »

Evidence-Based Marketing for Websites & Blogs

“Blogs won’t help your website rankings.” “Your blog should be on your website domain, not a separate domain.” “Metatag descriptions are vital to Google Rankings.” If you’ve heard any of these pieces of advice, you’ve been misled. They are false! That’s not my opinion, it’s fact based on information Google has published and research generated… Read more »