Month: May 2017

What Can You Learn From #NuggsForCarter?

If you’re active on Twitter, did you happen to see your friends, family, and maybe even other businesses, retweeting a 16-year-old’s quest for a year’s supply of free nuggets? From Reno, NV, Carter Wilkerson tweeted Wendy’s Twitter account with a simple request: How many retweets would earn him a year of free nuggets? The company’s… Read more »

Quiz: How Do I Encourage Feedback?

Feedback from your patients is vital, not only so you can understand what you’re doing right and what your office should try and improve, but also because online reviews are essential. After all, people usually turn to them when deciding between products or even when deciding which dental practice to schedule a visit with. How… Read more »

FAQs: How Do I Choose Blog Topics?

Blogging offers dentists a number of benefits, including the chance to help boost SEO. However, for many professionals, blogging can be a bit of a challenge. The number one challenge? Choosing what to write about! How do you choose a blog topic? What factors should you keep in mind when deciding what to focus on?

How Do You Improve SEO In Person?

When we talk about SEO, we often talk about going local: Targeting your community with online marketing techniques that address their needs and questions, making you one of the first results for a local search. While organic keyword placement, linking building, and other local techniques are valuable, what about face-to-face SEO? Of course, we don’t… Read more »

How Do You Write Social Media Statuses?

When you share content on various social networking sites, you don’t just add a link and call it a day. In addition to a photo or video in your post, you also need the status! This consists of one to three sentences about your post, why people should read it, and possibly some quick contact… Read more »

Preventing Potential SEO Catastrophes

Even with a solid online marketing strategy, things can still go wrong. Often, this is due to a dentist and his/her staff being too spread too thin, unable to keep an eye on the website. Fortunately, the common disasters we will talk about today can often be avoided with routine maintenance and a little due… Read more »

5 Steps For Improving User Experience

When Google makes changes to their algorithm, they have one goal in mind: improve user experience. Nowadays, successful SEO strategies relay on creating quality content and good user experience just as much as link building and long tail keyword placement. With that in mind, we’re going to look at five often-overlooked steps for improving user… Read more »

Interested In Trying Facebook Live?

We encourage our clients to embrace social media at their practice. There are multiple benefits to maintaining an active presence on one or more social networks, such as keeping in contact with your patients, keeping them informed about changes at your office, and even increasing the chance of people in your patients’ circles finding out… Read more »

Could Fear Of Failure Being Holding You Back?

Now, this could seem like strange topic for an MDPM blog. After all, we usually talk about SEO, social media, and marketing for dentists. But in reality, this topic, the fear of failure, is actually very appropriate. Often, when helping clients create an online marketing strategy, the anxiety of trying something new, such as blogging… Read more »

What Did You Do For Mother’s Day?

Did that title cause your heart to stop briefly? Don’t worry, Mother’s Day is still several days away. However, as a practice owner, what did you do for Mother’s Day? Holidays offer excellent opportunities to market specials or discounts and hopefully, bring new people through your door. While many dental offices focus mainly on specials… Read more »