Month: February 2014

Dental Branding Gets Sensual

Before we dive in to today’s topic, I’d like you to spend a minute recalling one of your most cherished memories. Most people don’t necessarily recall every minute detail, but their memory as a whole encompasses multiple senses. For example, a memory of one particularly magical Christmas many years ago won’t be limited to a… Read more »

When Patients Attack, Yelp! Edition

Remember the good old days when the average dissatisfied customer or patient only told nine or so people about an unpleasant experience? It seemed like a huge deal! Nine people? Today, social media has all but blown that number out of the water. If you’ve somehow angered a Yelper, you’ll be lucky if only nine hundred people read… Read more »

You Can Buy Followers, But You Can’t Buy Social Media Love

Everyone wants to be the “cool” dentist, the one who has hundreds of Likes and a string of followers to re-tweet their updates. You know that a strong social media presence will benefit your practice by increasing your visibility and generating word of mouth. The only problem? It’s been months since you created your Facebook… Read more »

SEO Changes that Affect Dentists

You have a website that’s only three years old. You spent thousands on it. At first, the site brought you a good number of new patients each month, and the amount you spent on monthly support, SEO, and blogging was returned tenfold. The past six months, however, calls have dwindled. What happened? You didn’t change… Read more »

Not Marketing to Women? You Should Be.

As a woman, a mother, and a CEO, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of effectively marketing your dental services to women. All women. Not just mothers, not just married women, and not just the twenty-something age group. Socially and economically, women are shaking things up in a big way, and you absolutely cannot afford… Read more »

Yes, MDPM Designs Responsive Dental Websites with SEO

When Jill and I started MDPM Consulting, we began as a blog writing company. We offered custom-written blogs for dentists. Early in our history, blog clients began asking us for websites. At that time, there was no such thing as a responsive website, and content management systems (like WordPress) were evolving. We hired a designer… Read more »

You Just THOUGHT You Knew Google Places

“Finally,” you think. “I’ve mastered the exquisite art of Google Places. Now I can relax.” Or not. It turns out that Google has switched courses, replacing Google Places with Google+ Local. You may already have received a suspicious-looking email with the subject “Action Required: You have 3 weeks to save your Google Places Listing.” Honestly,… Read more »

How to Win Traffic and Influence Rankings

Writing for Internet marketing requires addressing two audiences, the target consumer and search indexing spiders. Google’s recommendations repeatedly encourage copywriters to write for the consumer, and search rankings will rise naturally. While this is true, humans and robots only know what we tell them. Many professional SEO companies, including MDPM Consulting, include a call to… Read more »

Email Signatures: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

As mobile technology and digital communications become more prevalent, we at MDPM work with our clients to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in marketing. An estimated 30 percent of adults access email exclusively on mobile devices, and nearly half of all emails are opened on a tablet or smartphone. What do iPhones,… Read more »

How to Use Your Facebook Personal/Professional Profile in Dental Marketing

A Livonia dentist who’s near and dear to my heart recently asked Jill how his business Facebook page could like or recommend another business, or photo, or person, or anything. Her answer was, options are very limited. You’ll have a lot more opportunity doing these things as a human, but as a professional. Here’s my… Read more »