Month: September 2010

Best Practices for Using Photos on Dental Websites, Blogs, and Facebook

Let’s talk about dental website pictures for a sec. Someone (no doubt an artist) once said, A picture’s worth a thousand words. Well, the writers of the world (including yours truly) and search engine spiders disagree. However, I have to give pictures their props… People really like to look at pictures, diagrams, photos. So here are my professional recommendations regarding photos dentists should use in online marketing.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Blog Fog

Oh fog! Oh fog! What do I see? Nothing! Nothing! I can’t even see me! “Fog” by Andrew D. Robertson The blog fog can be blinding. Whether you become immersed in blogging, and you lose sight of the rest of your marketing goals, or you can’t see where to begin with blogging, it’s easy to… Read more »

It’s Business…It’s Personal: On Blogging and Facebook

Why do you think blogs and social networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) are so popular? Because they are web platforms that facilitate personal communication, and people love “personal.” Web marketing is a tool you can use to enhance relationships with your current patients, establish personal relationships with potential patients, network on a personal level with people who have similar interests (same community, professionals, hobbies).

Keeping Patients Happy, Asking for Referrals: The BEST ROI for dentists!

As dental management consultant, I advise my clients on strategies that will attract new patients to their practice. However, I balance the importance of attracting new patients with the essential task of keeping faithful, current patients happy. We should not overlook the importance of maintaining our current patient base.

How to Get More Fans (Likes) for Your Dental Practice Facebook Page

A Facebook business page is different from a Facebook personal page, though. People you may know don’t automatically pop up in the right sidebar. There’s no Friend Finder. So how can you get more folks to “like” your dental practice’s Facebook page? Let’s count ‘em down…

Dentists Rank Higher on Google when They Feed the Google Beast

Google, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, has 65% of the business when it comes to search engines. They are the leader in search. A beast. Our goal at MDPM is to build attractive websites that rank high on Google. The whole point of online advertising for dentists is to get new patients in the… Read more »

A Facelift for Dental Practices: Practical Marketing Makeovers

Is your dental practice logo out of date? Does your website need some serious help? Has your blog said, “Hello, world!” since January? It’s time for a non-surgical dental practice facelift. You just need some good marketing minds, graphic designers with moxie, and talented copywriters who can convey your message. Here’s a basic plan for a dental practice brand overhaul:

Weekend Warrior Marketing Tip for Dentists: Fun Facebook Pictures

What are you doing this weekend? Where are you going? People want to know. Good advertising focuses on the benefit to the consumer, not how wonderful the company owner is. But Facebook turns the tables. On Facebook, it’s all about you. Sure social networking in business should be more professional than personal, but the point… Read more »

Get Popular: Hook Up Your Dental Practice with Google Places

Did you know that it takes a person 9 seconds to type in a Google search query? Google produces results in ~300 milliseconds. (Talk about a super highway!)  Then, the user – your potential patient – chooses the website he likes best in about 15 seconds. These numbers are based on Google’s extensive research. Google… Read more »