Month: April 2012

“What makes an effective dental website?”

Do you need a website for your dental practice? Do you need to know what it takes to make a great website?  An effective dental website pleases two different audiences. Your site should appeal to both potential patients and search engines. The experts at Modern Dental Marketing offer some insight on what types of characteristics… Read more »

Demystifying SEO Hype: What Dentists Need to Know

Every few months, SEO technicians will squabble over the latest search engine algorithm changes or spiral into a frenzy over anticipated SEO changes. For outsiders to the SEO world, these inconsistencies among SEO techies probably seem complicated and confusing. Many SEO companies target medical professionals and dentists for sales. You may have even met with… Read more »

The Dentists’ Guide to Understanding Internet User Behavior

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing principles are driven by Internet user behavior. Did you know that over 75% of people in the United States use the Internet? Since the dawn of widespread Internet use, people have become accustomed to having a wealth of information at their fingertips. With just a few keystrokes into… Read more »

Dental Website Design & Competitive SEO

To compete in today’s world, dentists need a comprehensive online marketing strategy. Why? Past generations of dentist could count on the local newspaper and yellow pages to effectively market their services, but these media are quickly becoming archaic. Newspapers and phone book companies have filed bankruptcy and continue to rework their model in an effort… Read more »

Ten Steps for Managing New Patient Surveys

Last week, we discussed the pros and cons of conducting patient surveys. Although Modern Dental Practice Marketing primarily focuses on marketing through blogs, websites, social media, and newsletters, we’re happy to offer you a 10-step plan to help your team manage a dental patient survey. Step 1: Decide upon your survey’s theme Your survey should… Read more »

Do Dentists Need to Market with Pinterest?

In light of many recent questions from our clients, I’ve postponed the follow up to “Do Dentists Need a Patient Survey,” and instead, today’s blog will focus on Pinterest. Fact: Pinterest is the third largest social networking platform, behind Facebook and Twitter. Fact: Pinterest is free, just like Facebook and Twitter. Fact: If you don’t… Read more »

SEO and Your Dental Practice Website

The Internet is cluttered with websites lacking original content. In fact, it is still a common practice to load websites with stock library articles. Many businesses and firms hire expensive design teams and programmers to build beautiful looking websites. Despite the hefty price tag and attractive appearance, the pages are often filled with dry, irrelevant… Read more »

Do Dentists Need a New Patient Survey?

I’m often asked whether a dentist should send a survey to new patients. On one hand, surveys provide information that you can use to improve your customer service. On the other hand, consumers are inundated with surveys. You’re probably asked to complete a survey at over half of the stores and restaurants you visit…the request… Read more »