Month: September 2012

Black Hat and ADA Non-Compliance in Dental Marketing

Do you really know what’s on your dental website? Recently, MDPM found seriously problematic, black-hat marketing tactics on some dental websites. Dentists need to know, some SEO tactics can get your domain blacklisted from Google and you’ll be up to your neck in hot water with the ADA – we’re talking suspended license. Ultimately, you… Read more »

End of Year Dental Insurance Benefits Letter

October of last year, we wrote about that all-important end of year benefits letter that dentists across the nation are preparing to mail. Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again, already. October begins on Monday, and Americans will soon be caught up in the holiday madness. While saving money (and spending money)… Read more »

Is Yellow Pages Advertising Good for Dentists?

The Borg, that curious species from Star Trek, have more to do with dental marketing than you may think. The Borg have a collective mind, and so do many business people, particularly when it comes to marketing. In business, we tend to fall into the same patterns, year after year. We do what our colleagues… Read more »

Apple’s Google Map App Replacement Not So Major for Dentists

iPhone 5 and the New Apple Operating System, iOS6 We’ve known for a while now that Google and Apple are at odds. They both want to be king of cyberspace, but there’s just one throne to be had. In recent weeks, Apple rolled out the iPhone 5. In addition to being pretty, the iPhone 5… Read more »

Why Does Dental Marketing Fail?

You invest money, and perhaps time, into marketing your dental practice. You do what the experts recommend. Why, then, is your dental marketing investment tanking? Why isn’t your schedule full? The answer to this question depends on many factors. I recommend that you seriously contemplate these key issues so that you can amend your marketing… Read more »

Content: A Smart Dental Marketing Investment

Barely Getting By vs. Skyrocketing Success Like a weight loss program, parenting, and playing piano, dental marketing success is based on what you put into it. If you spend a few hours creating a template website, then pay $10 a month for hosting, chances are, you won’t see many new patients from your investment. If… Read more »

Transitioning Dental Patient Phone Calls into Scheduled Appointments

As dental marketing consultants, we know the acute importance of answering the phones in a dental office. You can invest thousands of dollars in marketing, and your efforts may lead many potential patients to call your office. Though you, the dentist, don’t answer your phones, the successful transition of potential patients to scheduled patients relies… Read more »