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Check Out Our COVID-19 Reopening Plan

Hello! How are you? I hope you are well and that you, your family, and your team are healthy. Is your office open or preparing to open? It’s time to get the word out on when you’ll see patients and how you’ll keep them (and your team) safe. To do this, we’ve created a COVID-19… Read more »

Keeping Your Dental Practice Afloat During COVID-19

A message from our CEO How are you doing? How’s your family and your team? There is a lot going on right now, and things feel very uncertain. Believe me when I say, we’re in this together. I hope you’re staying safe and healthy. Our team is here and working, business as usual. If there’s anything… Read more »

Is Your Practice Management Software Working For You?

Running a dental practice is its own job, independent of actually performing the functions of a dentist. It can be easy to get caught up in the minutiae of the job and miss out on the reason you got into dentistry in the first place. You don’t want to spend all of your time doing… Read more »

Generate Referrals Internally With The Help Of Your Team

When you’re brainstorming ways to generate new leads and fill up your office’s appointment calendar, it can be easy to focus on the external: How are you marketing your practice? Are you using online marketing materials or print? Are you targeting the right audience with your marketing? When you focus externally, you can end up… Read more »

How Does Your Front Office Team Answer The Phone?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? As a dentist, you have a front office team to answer calls, speak with patients, and schedule appointments. Outside of your website, they are a potential client’s first encounter with your practice. With that in mind, how would you grade their performance? A solid front office team is an… Read more »

Cause Marketing for Dental Practices

Today’s dental practice owner is faced with a number of challenges. You wear several hats as a business owner — an entrepreneur as well as a dentist or dental specialist. It is a real challenge to be all of these things at once, which can result in something slipping. The area that slips is typically the… Read more »

What do you have that other dentists don’t? YOUR PATIENTS! Part 1

The Importance of Capitalizing on General Referrals Back in April, we answered a very important question in our monthly newsletter: What do you have that other dentists don’t? The answer: your patients! Over the next several weeks, we’ll be discussing how your relationship with your valued patients can work for you when it comes to… Read more »

Meet the MDPM Team: Gery Laboy, Account Manager and Training Coordinator

One of our goals in 2015 is to help our clients put a face with their contact here at MDPM Consulting. We’re always here to answer your questions, give you an update on your SEO and web marketing progress, brainstorm about your next move, or chat about what’s going on with you and your team at… Read more »

U.S. News ranks dentist as #1 job of 2015

On January 13, U.S. News released its list of the 25 best jobs of 2015. What was the job at the top of the list? Dentist! According to U.S. News, “picking a job is personal, and there isn’t one ‘best job’ that would suit everyone. Still, our list of 100 outstanding occupations exemplifies what makes working… Read more »

We’ll see you at the Star of the South Dental Meeting!

The Star of the South Dental Meeting will take place at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, on January 22-24. Here at MDPM Consulting, we love conferences. We think they’re a great way to stay on the cutting edge of what’s new in dentistry while building relationships within the dental community. In… Read more »