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Guest Blogging: A Proven Link Building Strategy for Dentist Websites

First of all, let’s explore what link building is. Google gives your dentist website SEO credit if links to your site come from reputable, related resources. For instance, if the American Dental Association linked to your website, you’d get some really good credit. Likewise, if your fellow dentists linked to your site, Google may rank… Read more »

Dental Marketing, the Human Approach

I’m often asked what makes MDPM Consulting different from other dental website companies. A comparison isn’t apples to apples, that’s for sure. Here are just a few points to answer that question: 1. We don’t rely on automated systems to generate SEO data. We pull the data and a human analyzes it, based on Google’s… Read more »

Maximizing Your Dental Blog’s Potential

Writing & Posting Blogs There is no shortcut: to get the most out of your blog, you have to post original, SEO content every day. As with most Internet marketing efforts, you can do it yourself. You can certainly write your own blog posts. However, the dental copywriters at MDPM are here to pick up… Read more »

Tracking ROI for Websites, Blogs, and Print Marketing

Return on investment, or ROI, is the bottom line of any marketing tool. What do you get out of the time, money, and talent you invest? Are you just taking a gamble with every new marketing venture? In the past, tracking ROI was difficult, and this holds true in print marketing today. Internet marketing, however,… Read more »

“Dear Santa, This Dentist Wants…”

Imagine that you can shrink a few feet and pull off being a kid again. You’re at the mall, and you’re presented with the opportunity to sit on Santa’s lap. You can ask the jolly old fellow for anything you want for your business in 2012. What’s on your list? Think about that for a… Read more »

When Can a Dentist Recycle Blog Topics?

If your dental practice blog has been up for over a year, or if you make daily posts, you might be thinking about revisiting some topics. As a rule of thumb, I recommend that you wait at least 90 days before introducing a topic again. In addition to this advice, I believe you should tweak… Read more »

Search Engine Optimization Imperative for Dentists

A recent study by MerchantCircle/Reply.com surveyed 2500 small business and found that if owners could invest in just one type of marketing, it would be SEO. To dentists in private practice, this study sheds light on where to spend marketing dollars in 2012. The Statistics In the survey, nearly one-third of responding small business owners… Read more »

How One Dentist Doubled Her Website Traffic

A study by HubSpot tells us that businesses with active blogs get 55% more website traffic, 434% more indexed pages, and 97% more inbound links than those without blogs. The study is based on 1531 HubSpot customers, of whom 795 blog and 736 do not blog. These statistics make great headlines for marketers to attract… Read more »