Month: August 2016

6 Questions That Can Help Improve Testimonials

If even you don’t own or operate your own practice, you know how important a good review can be. Let’s be honest, the first thing we do before trying a new restaurant or service is to Google online reviews. We want to know that the business is worthwhile and operated by friendly, qualified owners and employees. However, asking your clients or patients for a review can be a bit like pulling teeth. To obtain a great testimonial, you may need to ask the right questions first.

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Client Feature Friday: Oxnard Dentistry

Welcome to Client Feature Friday! As you may have guessed, this is our favorite blogging day of the week. Every Friday we like to focus on one client, showcasing the hard work our team has put into a website and introducing our readers to them. Today, we’re introducing the team behind Oxnard Dentistry.

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