Month: May 2013

5 Secrets to Best Dentist Website SEO

Today, I watched a video about how SEO grows over time. It’s true. We know that organic SEO is better than paid search: 70% of web users don’t click on PPC ads, like Adwords on Google, and when you stop funding your PPC account, your ads go away. With organic search, once your dentist website… Read more »

Guest Blogging: A Proven Link Building Strategy for Dentist Websites

First of all, let’s explore what link building is. Google gives your dentist website SEO credit if links to your site come from reputable, related resources. For instance, if the American Dental Association linked to your website, you’d get some really good credit. Likewise, if your fellow dentists linked to your site, Google may rank… Read more »

Dental Marketing, the Human Approach

I’m often asked what makes MDPM Consulting different from other dental website companies. A comparison isn’t apples to apples, that’s for sure. Here are just a few points to answer that question: 1. We don’t rely on automated systems to generate SEO data. We pull the data and a human analyzes it, based on Google’s… Read more »

Google Says Organic More Important than Paid Ads

Though Google is hot to trot to sell Google Adwords, the company recently provided information that shows, organic SEO is second only to direct referrals (like word of mouth), when it comes to making a purchase decision. Google released some new information on Think Insights called “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase,” and while dentistry… Read more »

Email Campaigns for Dental Marketing

Do you know what email blasts and enewsletters are? Do you know why they are important for a dentist’s marketing plan? First of all, email campaigns are sent to your current patients. Your email campaigns will feature a custom banner, a stock or original photo, body text, share buttons for email, Facebook, and Twitter, and… Read more »

Dentist Asks: What can I do to get more Google reviews?

This week, I received a great question from Dr. Quinn Smith of Pecan Tree Dental in Grand Prairie, Tx. I thought all dentists might be interested in this… MDPM Team, This weekend I googled “Grand Prairie Dentists”…Pecan Tree Dental comes up as #1!  I feel like what MDPM is doing by SEO and blogging has made the… Read more »

A Marketing Innovation: Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Dental Websites

What is a responsive, mobile-friendly website? Research tells us that 70% of web users look online for health care services and today, smart phones and tablets are more popular than ever. Dentists need to understand that patients are looking for their services online, and often on a mobile device. MDPM Consulting builds custom websites… Read more »

How Google’s Rules About Original Text Apply to Dental Marketing

You may have heard that Google prefers original text on websites. If your dental website features library articles, stock content, or text taken from other sources (like the ADA website, for example), you’re harming your SEO strategy. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. On May 6, 2011, on the Google Webmaster Central Blog, we’re provided… Read more »

FAQs About Dental Blogs

Why blog on a domain that’s not my main website? Many of our client dentists rank multiple times on page one of Google for specific, popular keyword phrases, and we attribute this to not only having a blog, but also making the blog act as a microsite by being on a separate domain. Microsites are becoming intensely popular… Read more »

Social Media and SEO in Dental Marketing

While MDPM Consulting does condone the use of social media in dental marketing, and we even offer an ebook on the topic, we don’t believe that social media should be the focus of a dental marketing strategy. Much like printing a brochure or running ads in a publication, social media marketing is just one element… Read more »