Month: April 2013

What’s the Magic Number of Blogs for Optimal SEO?

Who reads blogs? Many people think that blogs are meant to be read. The truth is, they are, but not by whom you think. A solid dental blogging strategy is based on the principal that posts will be read and indexed high by search engines, increase popularity of your dental website, and expand your online… Read more »

Blogger vs WordPress for Dental Marketing

Experts agree, WordPress, not Blogger, is the professional platform that businesses should use. Google’s Blogger is considered more of a hobbyist’s blog platform, in marketing and technology circles. Google owns Blogger, and Google holds over 90% of the social media market. Knowing this, you might think that a blog on Blogger would have better SEO…. Read more »

Google Places Morphing Into Google+ Local, Slowly but Surely

If you’ve visited a business on Google Places lately, you may have noticed some significant changes, a giant background map for one. According to experts, Google is implementing a staged upgrade to Google Places, with the ultimate goal of replacing Google Places with Google+ Local. It began in May 2012, when Google’s local search results… Read more »

Why does a dentist need a blog?

Google holds nearly all of the search engine market, with 93% of PC traffic, meaning searches conducted on a desktop or laptop computer, and 95% of mobile traffic, meaning searches conducted on tablets and smart phones. Yahoo, Bing, and the other search engines all duke it out for the remaining >5%. This data tells us… Read more »

Why Does a Dentist Need a Website?

For most dental practices, their target market consists of people who have access to, and readily use, the Internet. Studies show, people search for healthcare services online, and they believe about 70% of what they find on the web. So, to reach new dental patients, you need a dental practice website. Is a custom dental… Read more »

What is content marketing?

If you know about SEO or have paid attention to news reports about Google, you might have picked up that Google and other search engines are huge fans of original content on a website. In fact, if your website contains stock copy, you might find your dental website pushed further and further away from the… Read more »

How to Get More Patient Testimonials

Inspirational speaker Zig Ziglar said, “When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.” Though his hay day was during the 90s, Zig’s words still ring true. Dentists in private practice are also business owners, and marketing is an essential part of their success…. Read more »