Month: April 2014

Do Good, Do Good Business: Dentists Who Give Back

If we’ve learned anything from the meteoric rise of the one-for-one business model made popular by TOMS, it’s that do-gooders do good business. Not that profit should be your sole motivation for taking on a social initiative, but it certainly helps. The business of dentistry is challenging these days, with practices across the country reporting… Read more »

Dentists on Instagram: Do or Don’t?

Instagram is everywhere. It’s at the Oscars, the White House, the bathroom, the shopping mall. NASA has is on Instagram. Stephen Hawking is on Instagram. Most importantly, your patients are on Instagram. Are you? Just as social media creates ways for people to connect with their family, friends, and coworkers, it also allows them to… Read more »

How Can Dentists Use LinkedIn for Marketing?

With more than 200 million users worldwide, 1 million of which are healthcare professionals, and 1.5 million active groups, LinkedIn is an invaluable social media tool for your practice. LinkedIn isn’t particularly glamorous like Pinterest or Instagram, nor does it have the high patient engagement factor like Facebook and Twitter. Even so, the site offers… Read more »