Month: September 2013

Does Your Dental Website Wear Platform Shoes?

Websites age faster than cats. In fact, a three-year-old website can make potential patients believe that you’re still wearing a butterfly collar and platform shoes, and you believe lasers are science fiction. Every two years or so, dentists should budget for a website makeover. This means, every other year, you need to make sure that… Read more »

SEO Changes: What to Scrap, What to Add

Google frequently makes changes to its indexing algorithm. You’ve probably heard of the Panda updates and the Penguin updates. Well, according to Google insider Matt Cutts, Google isn’t going to announce their updates any longer. We’ll have no more zoo animals from Google. This does not mean updates aren’t being made. In fact, recent updates… Read more »

Yelp Keeps Calling Me! What Do I Do?

First of all, do you have any idea what Yelp is selling? In 2012, Yelp became a publicly traded company on the US stock market, so revenue is more important than ever. Today, about 70% of Yelp’s profit comes from paid advertisements, like those the company solicits you for by phone. Your listing at Yelp… Read more »

Call to Action in Dental Website Writing

At the bottom of every page of website copy we compose, we add few sentences that mention the doctor and/or dental office by name, as well as the cities it serves. This snippet of content usually includes a link to the website’s contact page, and it may also contain the phone number or email address…. Read more »

SEO Warfare: A Strategic Plan for Dentists

Bing Challenges Google There’s a war raging in cyberspace, as you sip your morning coffee and review your appointment book. In this cutthroat battle, Google’s throne is being threatened by the stealthy young insurgent, Bing. You won’t notice the battle cries and guerrilla tactics as you greet Mrs. Jones, fill her cavities, and remind her… Read more »

Guidelines for Great Dental Website Title Tags

What are Title Tags? The title tag of a web page can be seen in a few places. Of course it’s in the code, with metadata, but it is also in the page tab and comes up as the page name when someone bookmarks the page. Title tags show up in search results as the… Read more »

Researching Keywords for Dentists

Google recently changed its Adwords Keyword Tool (Keyword Planner) a bit, but it still works well for selecting strategic keywords. You can access the tool with a free Gmail account, and you do not have to purchase Adwords. The Problem with Adwords Groups I don’t want to point fingers, but many SEOs (the term we use… Read more »

The Dental Website Design Process

We’re often asked what happens during our website design and development process, and what the client dentist can expect. Creating a website is a project that requires communication and effort on the part of the creative team and the dental practice. Our team does all we can to make the journey easy. We know that… Read more »

Best Advice for Dentist Business Cards

This morning, a dental website client asked me what should go on his business card. The answer is, when it comes to a business card, keep it simple — and visual. As for information, your practice name, phone, physical address are the gold standard. Today, you also need your website and the office’s main email… Read more »