Month: September 2015

Ranking #1 on Google: Is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

In yesterday’s blog post about why user experience is everything, we quoted well-known SEO expert Neil Patel of KISSmetrics. Another article by Niel caught our eye this morning. This time, about 6 aspects of SEO the busy entrepreneur can finally stop worrying about. Here’s what jumped out at us. Stop worrying about number one ranking…. Read more »

User experience is everything: How does your site measure up?

So, you want your website to show up at the top of search results? You’re not alone. Ranking high on SERPs (search engine result pages) is hard to do, which is why you must use SEO techniques and best practices to remain competitive in your industry. This much we know. In June of 2015, some… Read more »

Client Feature Friday

Each Friday, we feature a client who recently launched a new aspect of his or her web presence. Why? So that we can congratulate our valued clients on taking their websites to the next level and to show how we work with our clients to design and execute online marketing plans to fit their unique needs and reach… Read more »

3 More Technical SEO Tips

Did you just launch your first website? Congratulations! Did you just have your site rebuilt so it’s responsive? Even better! In both cases, you need to make sure your website is technically on par with SEO standards. But, what does that mean? Simple things like 301 redirects, permalinks, and sitemaps can play a big role in… Read more »

Keywords as SEO: The shift from stuffing to user intent

In yesterday’s blog post about the sin of thin content, we mentioned how keyword stuffing used to be a legal and credible SEO technique but isn’t anymore. That got us thinking about how the art of a keyword-focused website page has evolved over the years. What’s changed about this once-killer SEO technique, and how do… Read more »

The sin of thin content: Are you guilty?

Raise your hand if you’ve heard the mantra “content is king.” We’ve said it before — along with everyone else in the SEOsphere over the past several years — so your hand should be in the air. It’s true: search engines like sites with content. According to Stoney deGeyter, who recently contributed to Search Engine Journal, “content is… Read more »

3 Technical SEO Tips

You may have heard that content is king, but did you know there is more to your SEO strategy than just blog posts and website copy? Yes, there is a collection of code that makes up the infrastructure and platform that your content sits on, and if this foundation is not built and maintained properly,… Read more »

Google’s Penguin Algorithm: What You Need to Know

A few weeks ago, we talked about Google’s Panda update and how to keep up with the search engine’s ever-changing search algorithms. Recently, there have been some rumblings about updates to Google’s Penguin algorithm, which is another series of changes released by the Big G. Here’s what you need to know about Penguin, looking back… Read more »

Yelp is changing it’s tune: Here’s what you need to know

As one of the leading reputation management platforms out there, Yelp reviews are a necessary component of a solid web presence. At MDPM Consulting, we take our clients’ reputations as seriously as our own, which is why we stay on top of updates and changes in the reputation management/social media realm. Despite the fact that… Read more »

Does Your Dental Practice Need Content Marketing?

Content marketing begins with the words on your website, but it doesn’t end there. An effective strategy should include fresh, engaging content across more platforms than just your own website, like your practice’s social media pages. Sometimes, though, developing a good content marketing strategy can be tricky, and implementing it can be time-consuming. If it… Read more »