Month: October 2012

Dental Marketing News: Google Reviews Not Showing Up

If you’ve taken the time (and had the courage) to ask patients to go out of their way to post a review for your dental practice on Google, you may be disappointed. While we’ve had some client dentists say that their Google reviews were missing for a year, then reappeared, others report that their reviews… Read more »

Dental Marketing: Is ZocDoc a Wise Investment?

Today I received an email from one of our client dentists in Pennsylvania. He wanted to know whether ZocDoc is a good investment. Since is a type of dental marketing service, I thought I’d do some research and present my analysis and recommendation here on the MDPM blog. If you’ve had experience with ZocDoc… Read more »

Are Multiple Websites Good for Dentists’ SEO?

This topic is widely debated in SEO circles, and I want our clients to understand both sides of the argument, as well as why MDPM promotes microsites as a beneficial SEO strategy for dentists. Our reasons for believing in microsites are based not on hearsay, but on experience. Many of our dentists have multiple microsites,… Read more »

User Experience, UX, in Dental Marketing

Mobile Sites for Dentists: Smart or Stupid? I’ve taken the stance that mobile sites are unnecessary, and that dental marketing and website design companies push them as essential because consumers don’t know any better. In short, I think that dentists and other small business owners are being taken advantage of.  After all, anyone can get… Read more »

Your Dental Practice’s Reputation On Facebook

Do you recall when you first opened your Facebook account and made your personal profile? Your kids may have talked you into it after years of your objections. Perhaps you were one of the first to join Facebook, and you update it from your phone, tablet, and PC many times a day. Regardless of why… Read more »

What is Dentist Reputation Management?

As a dentist, you probably know that you need to establish a solid reputation online and good SEO. Your website, blog, and published articles contribute to building your reputation online. In the past few years, the term “reputation management” has evolved, but it does not refer to what you publish online. Reputation management is defined… Read more »

Do Dentists Need It? Facebook, Live Chat, Yelp…

In the information age, dentists are pummeled with new ways to advertise. Recently, I posted my professional dental marketing advice regarding dentists advertising in the yellow pages, and if you follow this blog, you know that I have seen solid websites, microsites, and blogs produce amazing results for our client dentists. However, I am often… Read more »

Does Your Dental Practice Need a Newsletter?

Newsletters are nice, but are they practical? If you’re considering a patient newsletter for your dental office, before moving forward, ask yourself a few key questions: What do you hope a newsletter will do for your practice? Do you want a print or e-newsletter, or would email blasts serve you better? What will go in… Read more »