Month: September 2019

We Can Help You Use Facebook To Better Promote Your Practice

You can safely assume that people in your area will go online to search for nearby dental practices. With the right website, and the right approach to SEO, you can count on more people finding you online. With our help, you can start attracting more patients thanks to a revitalized digital presence, engaging site content, and our reputation management efforts. In order to truly raise your profile online, we can also help you make the most of your social media activity. Having a Facebook page for your practice can give you a new channel for communicating with your patients, as well as a new resource for connecting with new people. While it is common for small businesses to create profiles, many see limited benefits because they are not taking the right approach to social media. We can offer insights, help with understanding social media metrics, and even by providing you with posts that are designed for wide appeal! Read More

Google Algorithm Updates Can Impact Your SEO – We Can Help

Earlier this week, Google shared news of a new broad core algorithm update. In this instance, site owners and SEO experts enjoyed advanced notification, but in the past, announcements have only been made after an update is made. If you are trying to promote your practice online, these algorithm updates should be a concern. While some changes have more impact than others, these algorithm updates can make it necessary to change how you approach SEO. For those who attempt to manage their own online marketing efforts, this can lead to problems – you may suffer a drop in website traffic with no idea what has changed! Our commitment to SEO means we keep up with changes implemented by Google, so we can make timely adjustments to your online marketing strategy. Read More

The Importance Of Valuable Content In Online Marketing

Content creation can be an important aspect of your SEO success…as long as you approach it in the right way. A successful approach to content marketing calls for material that is knowledgeable, relevant, engaging for readers, and structured in a way that helps your links rank highly on Google and other search engines. Unfortunately, many SEO “experts” recommend an approach that is outdated, unhelpful, and lacking in value. Our background working with dental offices has helped us write content that can be clear, informative, and SEO-friendly. Featuring blogs regularly on your website will help you communicate what services you offer, and become easier for people near you to find online! In addition to crafting quality content on an ongoing basis, we can provide effective content for your site pages when doing a website redesign, or when building a brand new website! Read More

We Can Provide Important Support For Seasonal Marketing

Seasonal marketing efforts can be effective at stimulating patient interest at a time when your practice might have fewer appointments scheduled. It can also help you make sure a promotion is widely seen, so that it can have the desired effect of helping you promote yourself. You can safely assume that when it comes to an effective seasonal marketing strategy, timing can be critical. As part of our commitment to help you maintain better SEO through smart website management, we can provide support for your seasonal marketing! That can mean spreading the word on your website and social media platforms about ongoing patient specials, but it can also mean making sure that important information is shared at the right time. As part of our commitment to online marketing, we can provide end-of-year updates for your patients about the importance of using dental benefits that expire at the end of the year. In fact, we can even produce a special insurance reminder packet you can rely on to make this information clear, and readily available to people who come to your practice. Read More

Putting The Wrong Images On Your Site Can Have Consequences

So you have a visitor to one of your webpages…what happens next? Capturing someone’s attention is important, but there is no guarantee that this person will set up an appointment with your practice just because they found your website. While you should be concerned about the quality of the content you share, you also need to think about how it is presented. Images break up text, and ensure readers are less likely to lose interest. With that said, finding the right pictures can be more difficult than it seems. If your photos are acquired inappropriately, you can be liable for copyright violations that can become costly! 

We provide properly sourced images for your posts, so you do not have to worry about this issue. We also take care to provide digital content that is SEO-friendly and engaging, so your posts are more likely to motivate someone to schedule an appointment with you! Read More

The Relationship Between Your Site Design And Your Practice

Any extension of your practice is a reflection of your practice. You want your waiting area to be inviting, and you should make sure the reminders you send to patients are eye-catching, easy to read, and friendly in tone. Are you putting that same thought into the design of your website? If someone finds you on Google, and feels unsure about you because your pages appear out of date or unattractive, you can lose out on a potential patient. We can help you make important changes to your website in order to make a better first impression! Our goal is to do more than just make your pages more attractive, though that is certainly a priority. We also understand the importance of designing with SEO factors in mind, and the need to make your services and expertise clear to potential patients through your design. Read More

Are Your Online Reviews Helping You Attract New Patients?

There are many approaches to online marketing that can help you reach more people and attract new patients, especially if you keep up with trends in SEO. With that said, online reviews from satisfied patients can be particularly compelling to someone looking for a new dental office. After all, positive information in this setting is unsolicited, and based around direct experience. When you take great care of patients, you can look forward to kind words online. With that said, you may be less than confident in your ability to make sure those kind words are being found on Google and other search engines. The visibility and value of web reviews can become confusing, particularly as web reviews on Google can sometimes provide confusing information to users. As part of our commitment to help you manage your digital marketing needs, we can help you navigate questions about user reviews while also providing support for your website! Read More

Client Feature: Dr. Chan And MMC Dental

In today’s client feature, we would like you to meet Dr. Michael Chan, one of the many talented dental professionals at MMC Dental. Located in Houston, TX, MMC Dental is ready to accept patients with many different needs. Dr. Chan can help you address smile concerns, and show off long-lasting improvements to your appearance and oral health through modern dental techniques. Our goal in providing a new website for MMC Dental was to give everyone on their team a more attractive, SEO-friendly online presence that would help them connect with more people in the Houston area. Just as comprehensive dental work can do more than just give someone a more attractive smile, rebuilding someone’s digital presence is about more than just a better-looking website. While the new MMC Dental site has an appealing modern look, we were also able to include important design features that make it mobile-friendly, and easier for Google to analyze and rank favorably.  Read More

Client Feature: HWB Services

We are excited to introduce everyone to HWB Services, one of our new clients! HWB Services offers important bookkeeping support for other businesses looking to better manage their accounting with QuickBooks software. Businesses of all kinds can benefit from support when it comes to tracking their various costs and sources of revenue. Of course, before a company can take advantage of the QuickBooks support that HWB Services can offer, they have to find them! This is where we come in – by providing support with their website and SEO efforts, we are making it easier for people to locate HWB services online. That increased visibility can turn into more interactions with potential clients, and more opportunities for HWB Services to help people keep their QuickBooks records properly managed! Read More