Month: August 2018

Client Feature: Saxonburg Dental Care

It’s Friday, which means we’re just hours away from a three-day weekend, AND we’ve got another client feature! As a consulting company, we try to share our knowledge and skills in any way we can. Whether it’s the technical expertise that goes into designing a website, or the experiential know-how that comes from working with… Read more »

Creating A Plan For Your Social Media Activity

Are you taking advantage of your social media presence to connect with patients, and reach new people in your area? You might be surprised at how effective the right posts can be when it comes to supporting your practice. We have clients who make the most of their social networking efforts by letting us (and… Read more »

Has Your Site Been Upgraded To HTTPS Yet?

If your website has yet to make the move from HTTP to HTTPS, your rank in local search results could pay the price. Because HTTPS sites can offer a more secure, trustworthy user experience, Google can prioritize them, and place them closer to the top of a person’s search results. This change can also provide… Read more »

Help Your Patients Remember to Use You!

In an effort to increase appointment numbers and attract new patients to your practice, it can be easy to forget some of the simplest ways to fill up your calendar. Your existing patient base already holds you in high regard and appreciates your service. Don’t forget to attract the patients you already have. Sometimes it… Read more »

What Do You Need To Know About SEO?

Your practice’s visibility and growth potential can be affected by the effectiveness of your site’s SEO. While a well-made website can have important benefits for your practice, you may be unsure of what is actually involved in improving your standing in web searches. Successful SEO efforts can depend on the way your site is constructed… Read more »

Client Feature: Dr. Marr

Another Friday means another client feature! We’re only as good as the incredible dental practices we get to work with, so we’re honored to be able to shout out one of our fantastic clients each week. This week’s client feature was named as one of the best dentists in Dallas by D Magazine in 2017… Read more »

We Help Your Site By Keeping Up With Changes That Impact SEO

A website that shows up prominently in relevant Google searches can experience unexpected trouble when the algorithm used to rank sites is updated. If the person managing that site is unprepared for those changes, or unsure how to adjust to them, they could struggle to regain their position. Google’s August 1 update, which appeared to… Read more »

What To Expect From The New Facebook Business Page Template

Your Facebook Business Page gives you another opportunity to be found by potential patients, and it gives you more opportunities to communicate with the people who already visit you. When your page is well-maintained, and you take care to share engaging, useful content, you can rely on social media to help you grow your practice…. Read more »

How Saying “Thank You” Could Help Your Dental Practice

It’s funny how easy it is to forget to do the little things. When you manage an entire dental practice there are plenty of agenda items on your mind. Scheduling, invoicing, office management — it all takes time and effort. It’s easy to miss out on opportunities to help yourself! One way you can help… Read more »

How Much Do You Know About Google’s Ranking Factors?

When a potential patient in your area goes to Google seeking information about dental care, what will it take to make sure they find your site? Websites are ranked according to a series of ranking factors employed by Google to assess how relevant your website might be to a person’s search, and what kind of… Read more »