Month: January 2012

Digital and Social Media for Dentists

Vocus, a “cloud-based marketing and PR software” company, published a report called “State of the Media Report 2012: Evolving and Merging.” In it, we’re told that while pictures and video are becoming increasingly more important in PR, content that’s clear, concise, and compelling is still very important. And, furthermore, “Now, more than ever, we are… Read more »

10 Steps to Create a Dentist’s Newsletter

This post is part two of “Is Your Dental Office Ready for a Patient Newsletter?” Whether you build your own dental practice newsletter, have your office manager tackle the task, or use a service, these are 10 primary elements you need to consider. Email list: You can’t send an e-newsletter campaign without email addresses! If… Read more »

Is Your Dental Office Ready for a Patient Newsletter?

Why have a newsletter? The last study I read showed that attracting one new dental patient costs an average of $200. Retaining patients costs much less. In addition to personal phone calls, recall reminders, excellent clinical care, and superior customer service, a patient newsletter may help you retain patients—and attract new patients. A newsletter provides… Read more »

Dental Marketing Chatter: Online Ads & Advertising

Just this morning, I read three articles about online ads. They seem to be a popular subject right now, and for good reasons. Too Many Ads above the Fold Have you visited a website with so many advertisements that you can’t find the text that drew you to the site? Sometimes the text is broken… Read more »

Is Your Dental Practice Not Showing Up on Google?

If you’ve searched Google for your dental practice name or your professional title, and no results show up anywhere, you have a serious marketing problem. Most dentists who can’t find themselves in search results suffer from one of these Internet marketing ailments. Your Website/Blog is Not Indexed For a website to show up in Google’s… Read more »

Answers to Questions about Internet Marketing for Dentists

Do all dentists need Facebook, Twitter, and Google+? No. The only dentists who will benefit from social networking are those who will invest time to network socially. Feeding blog posts to your Facebook page is better than not having a Facebook page, but it’s not going to win you new “likes” or new patients. If… Read more »

No Prize Required for Great Referrals

In states where it’s not banned, dentists often turn to incentive programs for referrals. While I’m not opposed to incentive programs, incentives for referrals isn’t necessarily a good marketing tactic. Word-of-mouth is the most effective and efficient way for dentists to get new patients. Referred patients have a good reputation for long-term retention, so providing… Read more »

Google Plus Your World and Dental Marketing

A new year, in this generation, brings changes from Google, along with a landslide of projections about marketing trends. Last year, while Jill and I were at the Chicago Midwinter, Google rolled out Panda. This bulk of changes to Google’s algorithm prioritized original text, which only proved that MDPM’s approach to Internet marketing is on… Read more »

Social Networking for Dentists Made Easy!

You’ve heard about using Facebook for your dental office. You may have attended a seminar about social networking or read books on the subject. Perhaps you want to Tweet, post, blog, comment, and update, but you just don’t have time. How can you reap the benefits of social networking without squeezing time from your already… Read more »