Month: November 2010

Is Groupon Good for Dentists?

Maybe Groupon just isn’t for dentists. Maybe its value is for other industries.

Modern Dental Practice Marketing is not affiliated with Groupon or any coupon service, but we do want our clients to make informed decisions when investing their marketing dollars. If you’re considering Groupon or any other new service, talk to your peers. Post a request for reviews on your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages. Get the scoop before you write the check.

Are You an Anonymous Dental Professional?

Maybe you’ll always have the same job you hold today. Maybe you’ll live in the same house and see the same people and love your life forever. But maybe, just maybe (and in all probability) something will change at some point. Perhaps you’ll start a new practice or a new business. Who knows; maybe you’ll move across the country – or to another country. You might decide to become an author after you retire. At that point, will people know who you are? Self branding today gives you a head start on tomorrow.

Can a Blog Be a Website?

Yes. Many of our clients have a blog and no primary website. In competitive markets, like Dallas, Chicago, and other large cities, you should have more than one website to increase your Google rankings. However, you can opt for multiple blogs. Why choose a blog instead of a website?

Blogging to Build Your Hygiene Department

In this economy, it’s important to look at hygiene as a significant income source for your practice. Blogging is an unbelievably reasonably priced, yet highly effective, way to market your hygiene department.

The 3 Dimensions: Dental Practice Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Team Commitment

Think, for a moment, of your business having three dimensions: you and the company are one; the client is one; and your employees are one. All dimensions must be in focus. For each dimension, you need a goal or purpose. You and your employees work together with the goal of serving the client. Your practice mission and vision sheds light on this purpose – the purpose of serving the client. But you, as an employer, must also serve and manage your employees if the mission and vision are to be carried out. So, in addition to a mission and vision, you need a commitment to your employees.

Aligning Generosity with Dental Marketing

Have you heard the term Generation G? It’s the marketing strategy that experts claim is highly effective in our faltering economy. Generation G stands for generosity and giving. The philosophy is, a business should show that it is interested an involved, loyal to the community that supports it. To a dentist, this type of marketing involves volunteering.

Educating the Dental Team for Patient Retention

I’m a mom, and moms talk. The very best marketing you could ever hope to have is word of mouth. So I want to share with you a dental visit I had and two reasons that I did not give the practice a good word-of-mouth referral. My review, when asked (and I was asked), was that it wasn’t the right place for my family.