Month: July 2018

Should I Invest In Professional Website Photography?

If you’re opening your new practice, or you’re deciding to revamp your marketing, you have many things to consider. With limited resources, you have to make the best use of your marketing dollars, so it can seem more appealing to invest in advertising over, say, photography on your website. However, you can’t let your website… Read more »

A Mobile-Friendly Site Can Help Improve Your SEO Efforts

When you pull up your practice’s website on your laptop or desktop, you like what you see. How do you feel when you look at that website on a tablet, or on your phone? Because many people rely on their phones to perform searches online, it is important to have a mobile-friendly site, or one… Read more »

Client Feature: Dr. Chen and Illume Dental

We want to help our clients attract more patients and keep their schedules full. When our clients get to start a new project and bring quality dental care to a community, of course we get excited! That’s why today on the blog we’re highlighting our client, Dr. Chen, and her new practice location, Illume Dental…. Read more »

Reminding Patients To Use Their Dental Benefits

When people fail to take advantage of their dental benefits for the year, they can miss out on chances to enjoy important smile care. Reminding patients to use their benefits can be helpful, but you may be unsure of how to effectively share that information. We can help you enjoy more effective communication with your… Read more »

Helping You Maintain A Good Reputation Online

When people perform a search online for local dental care, they can find more than just a practice name and address. When a possible new patient finds you through Google, or another search engine, they can find online reviews that may affect their perception of you. Some may decide to peruse patient comments, while others… Read more »

How Do I Handle A Negative Review About My Practice?

While you may take a meticulous approach to managing the experience of each of your patients, negative reviews about your practice will still happen. Even the most proactive dental practices still have to address online criticism. And make no mistake, you should address it. Managing your online reputation is so important to the health of… Read more »

What Kind Of Site Features Do You Need To Enjoy Better SEO?

Google has been favored as a search engine for many years, but there have been changes in how sites are evaluated and ranked. Several algorithm updates through the years, and the introduction of the Rankbrain machine-learning system, have been implemented to help people find the most helpful answers to their queries online. While it can… Read more »

Client Feature: Santa Rosa Oral Surgery

Above all else, websites are meant to be helpful. They’re a place where your clients can quickly find the information they need. That’s why site design and layout are so important. When you create your website map, you should have your users’ interests in mind. Our clients at Santa Rosa Oral Surgery make great use… Read more »

Trouble On Social Media Can Hurt Your Business

When your pages are used effectively, your social media presence can help you grow your practice, share important information, and help patients feel connected to you and your staff. While you can benefit from your social media activity, your practice can also be hurt when controversial posts are made on your page, or by employees…. Read more »

Will Google’s Speed Update Affect Your Online Visibility?

The content you provide on your website can help you in your efforts to reach people who perform online searches about dental matters in your area. Original, relevant content on your page will create opportunities for Google and other search engines to find you, and share your site, with people. With that said, your visibility… Read more »