Month: December 2013

Social Networking Not Working for Your SEO Rankings?

When Hummingbird, Google’s last big algorithm update, rolled out in the last quarter of 2013, businesses that were doing social media right finally received some well-deserved credit. The problem is, most businesses don’t do it right, or don’t do it at all. A Short History on SEO Fools Since the inception of Facebook Business Pages,… Read more »

3 Website Tests for 2014 SEO Success

Is Your Website Build to Be Found in 2014? “Page one of Google” is a moving target with changing factors. Smart businessmen and women are looking at their 2013 numbers and expenses, trying to determine what to change for the coming year. What tactics will improve profitability, patient numbers or number of customers, and visibility?… Read more »

14 Dental Marketing Musts for 2014

2013: From Hollywood to  Your Dental Chair Across the globe, 2013 was a year of happenings. Catholics have a new, hip pope, and he’s People Magazine’s Man of the Year. A son, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, was born to royal celebrities across the pond.   Here in the states, the children of our celebrities were making news,… Read more »