Month: October 2010

Wait Until You See This!!

This week’s guest blog is by dental consultant Dr. Mayer Levitt of Jodena Consulting. A former dentist himself, Mayer has helped tons of dental practices achieve better profits, retention, and publicity since 1989. In this blog, he discusses the use the iPad in case presentations. You can learn more ways to improve your practice by… Read more »

When to Rewrite & Revise Your Dental Website

We got a call this week from an office manager who had been looking for someone to rewrite and finish the text on a dental website. She’d been quoted prices in the thousands, and the site is not very big. It’s silly, really, that: A) no one wants to revise, rewrite, or finish an incomplete website’s text and B) that companies use exorbitant prices to run off potential customers instead of just sending them to Macy’s (movie reference, Miracle on 34th Street. MDPM is the Macy’s in this analogy.)

What’s a Google Tag? Does a Dentist Need One?

If you have a Google Places page, you’ve probably seen “Add a Tag.” My husband and I are both entrepreneurs, so I was inundated with emails and snail mail offering a free tag for 30 days – of course Google wanted my credit card info to get started. Those of you who don’t have a Google Places page need to stop reading and go get one. Then come back and finish reading. I’ll wait…

Social Marketing Needs to Eat a Banana

What’s the deal with Facebook and Twitter? Well, social marketing is in a rapid state of evolution. You can literally see it growing. It’s like a teenager! I say social media needs to eat a banana because when I grew two inches one summer, my legs ached like a big dog. My mom, a nurse, made me eat bananas for the potassium. It helped. (On a side note, I looked up Chaquita Banana on Facebook. She has an unused profile, but I added her as a friend anyway.) (Another side note, I am not bananas.)

SocialVibe and WordPress = Dentist Websites Giving Back

When I came across the SocialVibe widget, I was working on my agenda, planning a November retreat for Jill and me. Of course, I noticed that Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, and all the year-end holidays are almost here. Everyone is going to get super busy. We’re also going to have less time and more to do. The thing is, these particular holidays are meant for us to be appreciative, kind, caring, generous, reflective on the quality (the real quality) of our lives and the impact we have on people. For dentists, it starts early. Halloween Candy Buy Back supports Operation Gratitude, the charity dedicated to showing appreciation to US troops on active duty overseas. But we can’t send some candy to a warehouse for others to sort and ship, then call our philanthropic duties done, now can we?

Sucking Up to Professor Google, and Star Student Google Instant, is Good for Business

Another SEO expert at TechnoBuffalo states: “If your business has a Google Place, a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a regular web site that is SEO optimized and uses other location based check in services like Foursquare and Yelp, you should still see your business popping up close to the top.” To Modern Dental Practice Marketing, this is good news. We loved Google Caffeine, we love Google Instant, and our clients reap the benefits. MDPM creates and manages Facebook, Twitter, Google Places, and blogs for dentists and small businesses. The TechnoBuffalo statement shows us that if we do extra credit on the Internet, we’ll get special treatment from Professor Google. And that’s good for business.

A New Age in Dental Marketing… It’s Happening Right Now

Remember when it was cool for a doctor to write a column in the town paper? My mother’s a nurse, and I also remember how she loved Dr. Red Duke, who did a spot on the nightly news. The Internet has changed things a bit. Dentists have gone from finally being allowed to advertise in the Yellow Pages to no longer getting value from phone book advertising. In fact, a few years ago, one of the largest phone book companies had to file bankruptcy. Newspapers are also going under because people read their news online these days. And as far as being on television, have you heard of YouTube?

Dear Dentist: Always the Critic? You Need a Creator!

I was drawn into Dr. Larry Emmott’s newsletter, Emmott on Technology, this morning. An article entitled “Dentists Technographic Profiles” shares a brief overview of Charlene Li’s and John Bernoff’s book, Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. Dr. Emmott shows us the five main profiles that describe how people interact with the web.