Month: July 2017

Why Does Your Practice Need Reviews?

Your new website is live! It looks beautiful and is easy to navigate, you made sure it’s mobile friendly and you’ve also connected it to social media pages across different platforms. You’re ready to go! Only one thing, you appear to be missing reviews. No one has left a positive testimonial, or any of them… Read more »

4 SEO Components You Shouldn’t Forget!

Search engine optimization can often be intimidating for practice owners. We understand, and work with our clients to ensure everyone enjoys a clear understanding of how SEO works and why we do what we do. For those handling the issue on their own, or who want a better understanding, we’re going to look at four… Read more »

Why Do You Need SEO?

Have you ever heard of search engine optimization? SEO has grown increasingly necessary in a world where multiple businesses can compete for the same client base in the same community. This allows you to help improve your standing on a search engine results page. As a result, many business, even dental practices, need to be… Read more »

Does Mobile Impact User Experience?

As a dentist, you have a website in order to stay competitive. After all, the days of relying on billboards and yellow page ads have passed. However, in order to stay competitive with your site, you need to be mobile-friendly. Otherwise, your lack of mobile-friendliness could have a negative impact in user experience.

Are You Choosing The Right Blog Topics?

Do you maintain a dental blog? There are a number of reasons to maintain a blog, from showcasing your expertise to offering new content for Google to crawl and index, a potential way to boost rankings over time. But your blog only works if you’re choosing the right subjects to write about. How do you… Read more »

How Does A Mobile Design Impact SEO?

Search engine optimization involves using content, keywords, NAP information, and link building strategies, among other techniques, to help your website land on a higher spot on a search engine results page. The entire enterprise is designed to help people looking for your services in your community find you. One often overlooked aspect of a successful… Read more »

4 Ways To Fight Distractions

Do you ever have those days where you find yourself giving in to the pull of social media, or focusing on anything besides work? Whether you’re in an office environment or a dental practice, distractions from work can pop up and make focusing on any task difficult. Fortunately, there are ways to help fight distractions… Read more »