Month: July 2013

10 Tips for Promoting Your Dental Office

Since the big bang of cosmetic dentistry has begun to falter, many dentists are left in a marketing void. How can a cosmetic dentist transfer back into doing a lot of bread-and-butter, general dentistry? Perhaps you’ve invested a lot of time and money into marketing cosmetics, only to find that the trend became commonplace. While… Read more »

5 Ways to Improve Your Google Rankings Now

If you’re still trying to get more incoming links to improve your Google PageRank score, and you seem to be just treading water, consider the more recent suggestions Google offers for improving website rank. I regularly watch Google’s tips videos, read Matt Cutts’ blog, and jump on any new post at the Google Webmaster Tools… Read more »

Why His Site Ranks Higher Than Yours

Anything he can do you can do better! Do you ever wonder why another dentist’s website consistently ranks higher than yours in Google’s search engine results pages? If you’ve chosen competitive keyword phrases, moving up from page three to page one can be a challenge. Every browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) offers tools that can… Read more »

Google and Your SEO Strategy

Google now holds around 70% of the search market, and while this is less than in the past, more people than ever are using Google. If your goal is to entice people to visit, revisit, share, and bookmark your website or blog, you’re on track with Google and will be rewarded in search engine results… Read more »

Did You Know? Dental Website SEO Secrets

DID YOU KNOW… Google likes fresh content? In fact, word from Google experts confirms that original, well-written, informational text is the single most important factor for SEO rankings? DID YOU KNOW… While its grasp on the market is falling, Google holds a solid 66% of the search engine market, and Bing recently jumped up to… Read more »