Month: April 2019

Use Personal Thank You’s to Build Patient Relationships

It’s easy to sound like a fist-shaking, get-off-my-lawn curmudgeon when talking about how technology has changed communication, but in reality, the way we interact with one another has shifted. How many promotional emails do you receive per day? It’s nice to receive a message that you actually want to read. The absence of that personal… Read more »

Site Improvements Can Lead To Better Visibility Online

Failing to keep your site updated, or offering limited content, can eventually lead to a drop in your rankings. The way you manage your site can have an impact on your Google indexation, which affects your ranking for searches concerning different keywords that are relevant to your page, and your practice. When you are not… Read more »

Client Feature: Spring Content Fun

It’s Friday, which means on the MDPM blog we get to combine our two favorite things: awesome clients and quality content! We aspire to help the best dentists from around the country attract more clients and better serve the ones they already have. With custom content, website builds, and SEO tactics, we help our clients… Read more »

Positive Online Reviews Can Help You Reach More People

It seems safe to assume that just about everyone likes hearing compliments. Compliments in the form of positive reviews for your dental practice can certainly be welcome – they can also help you promote your services online more effectively. The importance of good online feedback is hardly a secret. In fact, Google My Business is… Read more »

Duplicate Content May Hurt Your Site, Even In Blockquotes

The content on your website can serve multiple purposes. While your primary goal in maintaining an online presence is to attract new patients to your dental office, you should focus on several factors to make that happen. You can create meaningful content to match the kinds of questions people search on Google and other search… Read more »

Find the Right Audience with your SEO Content

Using search engine optimization tactics is a great way to drive organic search traffic to your website. From your website, a potential client can learn more about your services and offerings. Getting them to that landing page is a huge accomplishment. So, how can you be sure your SEO tactics will land more views of… Read more »

The Importance Of Understanding The Search Results Page

Using Google and other search engines is simple enough, right? All you have to do is enter text based on the information you want, and you can find a list of links that can help you. When it comes to your online marketing needs, you need to be aware that search engines now provide far… Read more »

Get Your Summer Marketing Calendar Ready

The weather is warming up (mostly), which means summer is almost here! Barbecues, days at the pool, and vacations are all in store for the coming months, but the changing of seasons also presents an opportunity for your dental practice. It’s time to set your summer marketing schedule. When you create content for your social… Read more »

When Technical Issues Disrupt Your Online Marketing Efforts

A recent technical problem led to many web pages losing their place on Google’s index. Fortunately, the problem was recognized, and work was done by Google to correct the matter. So why should you be concerned about an issue that Google experienced, and fixed? Technical problems like this one can interfere with your online marketing… Read more »

Problems That Occur After A Site Update Can Hurt Your SEO

There can come a time where your current website just cannot provide the kind of online marketing success you want. Updating your online presence can lead to more attractive, modern-looking pages, as well as functional improvements that make the site easier to navigate. However, changes also create opportunities for mistakes, which can have a costly… Read more »