Month: July 2016

How to Capitalize on “Back to School” in Your Dental Office

For kids, educators (and parents) everywhere, the summer is quickly coming to an end. Soon, school will begin again, and it will be back to “real life.” For most, this time of year means it’s time to buy school supplies and go back-to-school shopping. As a dentist or dental team member, it’s time to see the kiddos… Read more »

When Do You Need Professional Photography?

A professional appearance is vital for your website. After all, your website is often the first introduction a person will have to you and your office, which is why professional photography is so important. While you can research and take pictures yourself, there are situations when it may be worthwhile to invest in a professional… Read more »

Does Social Media Impact SEO?

Once you’ve built your practice and debuted your new website you may think your marketing work is done. However, you could be ignoring a key component of a successful online marketing strategy: social media. Connecting with people via social networking sites can help SEO, improve reputations, and interest people who could potentially become future clients. How… Read more »

4 Ways To Create Great Content

At MDPM Consulting, we believe in offering every client great content, which in turn will hopefully help them grow their business and attract new clients. How does one create good content? Looking online, you’ll see a myriad of hypotheses and theories, many of them pretty farfetched. We’d like to talk about the four factors we… Read more »

Google offers local business page email verification

In a recent update from Google, they now are allowing email verification of Google + Business Pages. What does this mean for the business owner and the agency providing local online optimization? It potentially means no more waiting for postcards in the mail. As many of you may have already experienced, Google sends postcard sized letters… Read more »

Meet The MDPM Team: Kevin VanHorn

Because at MDPM Consulting we care about our clients, our entire team works hard to provide quality service for all of  them. As a result, we like to put a face to our team members and recognize their hard work. Today, we’re featuring an interview with our newest intern, Kevin VanHorn. He is a Terry Scholar… Read more »

What Can Dentists Learn From Pokémon Go?

Have you noticed a lot more kids and adults wandering around parks and fields with smartphones than usual? That’s thanks to a new game called Pokémon Go. If you aren’t familiar with it, the game is a free download for iPhone and Android that uses augmented reality to allow you to catch Pokémons in your… Read more »

Ranking Factors for Beginners: On-page – Part 1

Google utilizes an estimated 200 factors when ranking a website. You can argue the exact number, but it doesn’t technically matter how many factors there are. It matters how consistently you can optimize for them. Ask any professional in the online marketing industry and they’ll give a myriad of answers regarding which factors matter most. Consider this a… Read more »

How To Pull Double Duty With Your Website Content

The goal of SEO (search engine optimization) is to help your website rank high on search result pages, which encourages people to visit your site. However, if internet users visit, but don’t go any further, what good does that do your business? Recently, our client Dr. Mark Miller of Snow Park Dental wanted his content to… Read more »

Does New Content Influence Google Rankings?

We know how Google works. You type in a query and it brings you millions of results, although you rarely look past the first two or three on the initial search results page. When Google selects which content to present first, what does the search engine look for? Does new content influence Google rankings? Should… Read more »