Month: December 2012

Dental Search Engine Optimization: Copywriting

If you’ve discussed SEO (search engine optimization) with a techie, you might have thought he was speaking Klingon. The truth is, SEO is complex, but it can certainly be understood. Einstein once said, you don’t really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother. At MDPM, we’ve broken down SEO into digestible parts…. Read more »

The Medical-Device Tax and the Dentist

This guest post is brought to you by our friends and colleagues at Goldin, Peiser & Peiser, LLP, a Dallas-based accounting firm. Some information in this blog has been revised from its original version, published 12.14.12. As it stands now, regardless of whether we go off the fiscal cliff or not, there will be a… Read more »

5 Internet Marketing Secrets for Dentists

Successful dentists’ Internet marketing strategies hinge on high traffic and high conversion. Traffic describes the number of visitors to a website. Conversion means the number of people who took action to contact the dentist after visiting the website. Ideally, you want targeted traffic, that is website visitors who have the need, finances, and desire for… Read more »

Natural Search Engine Optimization Costs Less for Dentists

What is natural search engine optimization? In the biz, we segment SEO into two categories, organic (or natural seo) and paid (or PPC). The best metaphor for this is, natural SEO is like buying a home. Pay per click SEO is like renting a home. Natural SEO: Investing in Your Future The core of organic… Read more »

5 Best Dental Internet Marketing Ideas in 2012

To kick off the 2013 with a bang, dentists should brush up on marketing. As a dental marketing consultant, I’ve seen some great promotions that work, and some seemingly good ideas that tank. Here’re my top dental internet marketing ideas that brought new patients to MDPM’s client dentists in 2012. Top 5 Dental Web Ideas… Read more »

How to Choose a Dental Practice Name

You don’t need any name for your dental office, you need the perfect name. Regardless of whether you’re a new graduate opening a private practice or an experienced dentist prepping to sell your practice in the next few years, serious consideration should go into selecting a dental practice name. Not only will your name influence… Read more »