Month: September 2011

The Perfect Internet Marketing Partner for Dental Consultants

Every day, we help hundreds of dentists distribute their message to potential patients via Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and other channels. While we love providing one-on-one service to our private dentists, we also value the relationships we have with dental consultants. Like dental practices, every dental consulting firm is different. You have your own unique… Read more »

Where is Your Book in Google’s Library?

Enter a young, vibrant woman wearing trendy glasses and a chic, respectable dress. She is very popular. She’s also the head librarian of the most ginormous library on the planet, and you’re an author seeking shelf space. How can you get Ms. Google to give your book any attention? 1)      The book has to be… Read more »

Let’s Revisit Online Reviews for Dentists

This week, I helped a client respond to a bad review on Google Places. You see, if you get a bad review, YOU can’t take it down. Only the author can remove it. If you don’t know who the author is, you can’t even address the complaint. Fortunately, if the negative review is on Google… Read more »

Let’s Revisit QR Codes in Dental Marketing

If you read this blog often, you know I love to answer questions for my clients. On Saturday, a client dentist asked me whether QR codes would work in his marketing strategy. I wrote about QR codes back in April, but this time I’ll delve into the topic a little more. We’ll start with basics,… Read more »

Rule #1: Everyone’s time is important, not just yours!

No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye, I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m Late!!! Do you ever feel like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland? We all have busy schedules, and sometimes we wake up early, go to bed late, and fill every free minute with work. It’s all part of investing yourself in your business…. Read more »

Orphaned Dental Blogs

It’s shocking. Americans may think that these things only happen in third world countries, but blogs are being orphaned in every city of our great nation, every hour of every day. Like buying a dalmatian puppy after seeing 101 Dalmatians, dentists go to a conference, hear about blogs, then rush home to claim their own…. Read more »

LinkedIn: Do You Need It?

LinkedIn is not Facebook; neither is it Twitter or Google+. It’s funny, I thought everyone knew about LinkedIn, but they don’t. In fact, when I decided to finally engage in the network, I sent invitations to my Gmail contacts. Friends and colleagues of all ages contacted me by phone and email asking what LinkedIn is… Read more »

Groupon, Print Marketing, and Facebook Deals for Dentists

The Oregon Dental Association now says that dentists can’t use Groupon for marketing in Oregon. And, on a side note, the BCE made the same decision regarding chiropractors. Why? Because Groupon gets a referral fee or commission, and that’s against the rules. The deal that broke the camel’s back offered a $49 Invisalign exam, x-rays,… Read more »

Why We Write Dental Blogs

Before you invest in a blog for your dental practice, you need to understand why blogs are important to Internet marketing. Blogs feature original content, which Google likes. Blogs are considered news by Google, and news takes priority when it comes to content, per Google. Dental blogs include links to a doctor’s main website, and… Read more »