Month: May 2011

3 Tips to Consider Before Dental Web Design

A dental website design should have some of the same components of any other service-oriented website, but there are also special features to consider. For instance, you may want your dental website to include a before-and after gallery, patient testimonials (written or in video form), and interactive features, like quizzes with responses you can capture… Read more »

Patient Testimonials in Marketing Could Boost Conversion by 100%+

I recently read about a marketing company that performed a study on the effectiveness of testimonials in marketing. We already know that over 70% of Internet users believe online testimonials. This new study showed that sales letters that included testimonials had a 166% better conversion rate than those without. So how can you use dental… Read more »

Dental Website Design is Another Story

Dental website design is very different from dental ad design, therefore, you have to approach building your website differently than you would a print ad.

3 Dental Website Myths Debunked

For a successful dental site, dental blog, or SEO strategy, call Modern Dental Practice Marketing today and ask for a complimentary Internet marketing analysis.

Focus on ROI: Internet Marketing that Works… and Doesn’t

Just this week, I advised a wonderful client of mine that a custom Facebook page will look great, but it will not improve ROI. It may not bring any new patients to the practice. This does not mean that a custom Facebook page is a poor investment. You have to consider your goals. For a high-end cosmetic dental spa, brand awareness and perceived value of services is essential to maintaining high profits. In this case, a custom Facebook page may be well worth the monetary investment.