Month: October 2013

Google Authorship for Dentists

From Google Webmaster Blog, we learn that becoming an “expert” will improve a site’s credibility, ultimately affecting rankings. What is an expert, to Google? How does one become an expert? There are no published definitions or guidelines to explain this mysterious assignment. As with much that Google offers businesses, we have to scope out the… Read more »

Marketing 101 for the New Dental Practice

If you’re ready to open your first private dental practice, you will be faced with the task of marketing your office to potential patients. Where do you start? How can you be certain that the money you invest in marketing will yield new patients? First, you need realistic goals. Setting Goals for a New Dental… Read more »

Are Keywords Still Important in Dental Websites?

When it comes to dental marketing, you should know that Google no longer looks at keywords. The search engine giant doesn’t factor meta keywords into ranking criteria, and hasn’t for quite some time. Why? Because on-page text is more important. Just a few years ago, there was a big stink about white hat SEO and… Read more »

Long Tail Keywords Take Flight with Google Hummingbird

Is That a Hummingbird in Your Pocket? You’ve probably heard of Panda and Penguin, the Google algorithm updates. I’d like to introduce you to the flying creature in this digital zoo, Hummingbird. This little critter has been living on your smartphone for about 8 weeks now. It is a complete overhaul of Google’s indexing algorithm… Read more »

Are You an Art Thief?

Being a dentist, working with patients, keeping up with continuing education, and running a successful business keeps you quite busy. You may never give a passing thought to whether you’re an art thief. Sure, you haven’t tucked a Van Gough beneath your lab coat and stolen away into the shadows of a Paris night, but… Read more »

Website Support Turn-Around Time

One of the most frustrating situations we hear about is when clients don’t see requested changes implemented on their website. Equally frustrating is when a site isn’t updated, and it slowly begins to not function properly across all devices. At MDPM, we don’t often hear these kinds of comments, because the procedures we follow are… Read more »