Month: January 2017

Do We Still Need Keywords?

A few years ago, keywords were the main focus of any and all search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. In fact, this led to a rash of unscrupulous companies keyword stuffing in an attempt to artificially increase their website rankings (and facing penalties from Google). However, with recent changes in Google’s algorithm, do we still need… Read more »

Creating Content For The Social Media Age

We don’t consume information online the way we would in say, a book. We tend to skim. We tend to share without reading; and we tend to get bored with large blocks of text. So how do you create interesting content in the social media age? There are a few tips for making your content more… Read more »

Do You Have Questions About The Social Media Kit?

Do you want to maintain an active social media presence, but simply don’t have the time? We’ve run into this issue with our clients so often that last year we debuted our social media kit. The kit provides clients with tips, recipes, insights, and more that they can post on their social media pages. Do… Read more »

More Evidence That The Future Is Mobile

We’ve discussed before how 2017 will be the year that even more businesses will be embracing mobile-friendly website design. In addition, social media is becoming more important than ever, as well. Today, we’re looking at the results of a recent survey of 200 businesses conducted by GetResponse. These results highlight the importance of being mobile-friendly… Read more »

How Do You Create A Content Marketing Strategy?

Do you need a new content marketing strategy for 2017? If so, MDPM Consulting can help you create one. We can sit down with you and discuss strategies tailored to your individual practice. While a lot of work goes into designing a unique content marketing plan, there are a few tips you should consider when… Read more »

How Should I Blog In 2017?

Should you change how you blog in 2017? That depends. If until now, you’ve maintained a focus on relevant content geared toward your patients and potential clients, then you may not need to change anything. However, if not, then content should definitely be your focus. After all, whenever Google makes an algorithm change and the… Read more »

Mobile-First Indexing In 2017

Last year, we mentioned that Google would be rolling out mobile first indexing in 2017. Well, the time has come! We’re excited by this development because it highlights what we and other marketing companies have been saying for years: mobile is the future. Now more than ever, without a mobile-friendly site, your rankings, and the… Read more »

How Do I Encourage Reviews?

Let’s say you’re driving downtown and you notice that a new restaurant has opened up. You may be curious, but you don’t pull in for a quick bite right away, do you? No, like most people you pull out your phone and Google them to find out what other people are saying: is this place… Read more »

What Should You Post On Social Media?

We’ve discussed the importance of maintaining an active presence on various social networking platforms several times now. So, you probably know that sharing your blogs is important, but what else can you share on social media? Can you share information about your office? What about a funny comic you found online? Understanding what to share… Read more »

How Do You Gain Local Authenticity?

We talk a lot about local SEO in our blog. While maintaining an accurate NAP and staying competitive in the local 3-pack are essential, they aren’t all there is to local SEO. You also need to stay, well, local! Gaining local authenticity can make you recognizable as a member of your community and make your practice… Read more »