Month: November 2018

Client Feature: Contemporary Dental and Orthodontics

Friday is here! Why is that such a big deal for us at the MDPM office? Because today is the day that we highlight one of our awesome clients on the blog! As a digital marketing firm, we’re nothing without the incredible dental practices from across the country that we get to work with. It’s our pleasure to give a shoutout to our talented partners. Today, we’re giving a spotlight to a new client of ours. We recently had the great pleasure of creating a brand new website for Dr. Steven Vaughan. His practice, Contemporary Dental and Orthodontics, is SEO optimized and serving the community of Bellaire, TX! Read More

Monitoring Changes In Online And Social Media Reviews

The posting of online reviews can potentially help your practice. After all, people in your area who find you online can see glowing comments attached. Of course, the idea of a rating attached to your name – one you feel you have little control over – can be scary. Facebook is actually removing the ratings component of its customer reviews, in favor of “recommendations.” We can help you maintain a positive reputation by monitoring changes like these, and helping you make any necessary adjustments. We can also help you by continuing to focus on Google reviews, so that your practice is more appealing to nearby people in search of dental care.  Read More

Client Feature: Halloween Shout Outs

It’s Friday, and that means client feature time on the MDPM Consulting blog. This week is a particularly special week however, due to the spooky celebrations that happened earlier this week. That’s right, Halloween was this Wednesday, and some of our clients went all out for the holiday. Participating in holidays has value for your dental practice. Not only is it fun, but it also creates organic content for your social media channels. On this week’s blog, we want to give a shout out to the awesome celebrations we saw across the country! Read More

Identifying The Best Times To Post On Social Media

If you want your social media efforts to truly support your practice, coming up with the right posts – while important – is not the only piece of the puzzle. One issue many people can overlook is whether or not you are posting at the right times. Even as social media sites have moved away from a strictly chronological layout of posts, knowing when to provide social media content can be advantageous. We can help you stick to a social media posting strategy that can engage more effectively with patients, encourage interactions, and increase the visibility of your practice online. By improving your social media presence, and helping you improve your website, we can help you do a better job of introducing yourself to potential patients around you. Read More