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What Dental Offices Should Know About Online Reviews

online review conceptSo many of our decisions we make are at least partly shaped by what we find online. When someone in your area needs to find a dentist, you can safely assume they will use their phone, tablet, or computer to learn more about who provides smile care around them. This is why SEO (search engine optimization) matters—the right site and the right activity make it more likely your website links will show up near or at the top of someone’s search results. Of course, people rely on more than just website links and social media activity when they judge a dental office or any other business. Many will make a decision after browsing digital reviews.

Online feedback can seriously impact your practice, and you can be hurt by more than just the presence of poor reviews. If reviews left for your practice lack responses, or if you have too few reviews, you can lose out on potential appointments. MDPM Dental Marketing makes reputation management part of our support package for our clients. We can help you secure more reviews from your patients, direct those reviews to the most beneficial spaces, and help you craft and share responses to negative feedback when appropriate. It is hard to overstate the influence that digital feedback has on the average consumer, which is why the feedback people give you on Google, Yelp, and other review sites should be taken seriously. Read More

Are You Missing Out On Positive Patient Reviews?

positive online review conceptIt is safe to assume that the people who count on you appreciate what you do to care for their teeth. Because many people rely on the reviews they find online when looking for dental care and other services, your practice benefits when your patients express that appreciation on Google and other platforms. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to encourage people to share how they feel without some help. As part of our larger strategy to support your practice through website support and digital marketing, we can help you secure the right reviews in the right spaces! Doing so can boost your reputation and also make your website more attractive to search engine algorithm.

MDPM Dental Marketing is here to help with more than just establishing your website, as we provide enduring support with online marketing. That means taking care to boost your SEO organically with the right activity on your site, but it also means taking advantage of other channels, such as your social media and your online review spaces. Our reputation management services help you secure more positive feedback, effectively respond to any negative reviews you receive, and generally make sure people see more favorable information about you when they search for a dentist. Read More

Boosting Your Reputation With Online Marketing

Someone who has never set foot in your practice can make assumptions about it, and about the kind of experience you provide patients, after going online. This can work to your advantage if you have the right information available. The right website, online reviews, and other forms of digital information can help you build a solid reputation with people in your area who have yet to visit you. As a result, you can grow your office and fill your schedule!

Working with MDPM Dental Marketing ensures you have comprehensive support for online activities. Building and maintaining a website is certainly important, but it is just part of what you can do to effectively make yourself more visible and attract more patients to your office. One way we help is by offering reputation management support. This takes different forms, as it can range from making sure your information is in the right places to coordinating your social media efforts to reflect you and your approach to dental care. It also means support with online reviews, including coaching and support on responding to less favorable feedback. Read More

Managing Your Practice’s Reputation Online

mdpm reputation management

When people need to see a dentist, they will go to Google to find one in their area. They don’t just select the building physically closest to their home, they will also look at your website, social media, and reviews. Which means reputation management is crucial for making a great first impression and convincing someone to schedule an appointment. In today’s blog, MDPM Dental Marketing will explain how we use reviews and social media to manage your reputation online and make your office attractive to potential patients in your community.

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Learn Why GMB is Crucial for Your Practice’s Reputation Management

light wooden blocks stacked next to each other, elevating in height. Wood block star on each level, indicating growth with a hand placing the fifth and tallest star on light blue background.In real life, word of mouth is critical for dental practices. After all, hearing someone you know mention how much they enjoyed their experience with a local practice goes a long way toward convincing you to make your own appointment. The same factors apply online. Reputation management means taking steps to earn reviews, foster positive interactions online, and make sure people can easily find the information they need to schedule an appointment. One crucial aspect of this process is setting up and maintaining a Google My Business (GMB) page. In today’s blog, MDPM Dental Marketing explains the importance of a GMB page for reputation management and SEO.

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The Value of Reputation Management for Dentists

What is reputation management? Well, simply put, this is the process of ensuring users can find valuable information about other’s opinions regarding your services and practice, from online reviews to an active and engaging social media presence. Not only does this help gain new business for your office, but MDPM Dental Marketing will explain how reputation management also helps improve your SEO!

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How Online Reviews Fit Into Your Digital Marketing Plan

When someone in your area wants to find a dentist, they may start their search by checking the online reviews of practices in your area. If you want to have a real chance at attracting these potential patients, there are two issues you need to worry about:  a lack of online reviews, and negative online reviews. By providing quality service to your patients at every appointment, and building good relationships with the people who come in for care, you can feel confident that people have positive feelings about your practice. With that said, you may be less sure of how to motivate patients to share their valuable opinions online, or how to make sure people see positive feedback. As part of our overall commitment to helping our clients reach more people through online marketing, we offer assistance with reputation management. In addition to helping you make smart use of Google My Business, we can offer strategies for encouraging more reviews. These efforts, along with steps to ensure your location and contact information are accurate, can help you benefit from better local SEO, and reach the right people more easily. Read More

Are Your Online Reviews Helping You Attract New Patients?

There are many approaches to online marketing that can help you reach more people and attract new patients, especially if you keep up with trends in SEO. With that said, online reviews from satisfied patients can be particularly compelling to someone looking for a new dental office. After all, positive information in this setting is unsolicited, and based around direct experience. When you take great care of patients, you can look forward to kind words online. With that said, you may be less than confident in your ability to make sure those kind words are being found on Google and other search engines. The visibility and value of web reviews can become confusing, particularly as web reviews on Google can sometimes provide confusing information to users. As part of our commitment to help you manage your digital marketing needs, we can help you navigate questions about user reviews while also providing support for your website! Read More

What Are You Doing To Protect Your Reputation Online?

While a well-maintained website gives you the chance to effectively promote your dental practice, others will have a chance to share their thoughts on you through online reviews. Fortunately, when you provide quality care, and encourage people to share positive experiences, you can make sure people find glowing comments from patients. What you should know is that your online presence can actually be used to solicit more positive feedback. We can help you by offering support and expert insights to more effectively manage your reputation online. By focusing on reviews, smart SEO efforts, and changing trends in digital marketing, we are committed to helping you enjoy consistent value from your online presence. Read More