Month: October 2011

How Patients Look for Dentists

Where Do Your Patients Come From? This data actually shows how consumers look for stuff in general on the Internet. We can safely assume that some of the folks would be searching for dental care. 92% of US Internet users use Search 80% of Searchers use Google 58% of consumers begin the buying process with… Read more »

All the Scoop on Dentist Domain Names (and upcoming price hikes)

Verisign is the company that manages the wholesale price of domain name registrations globally. Verisign is not ICANN, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, that manages the actual domain names. Sometime in January of 2012, domain name prices will go up about 12% — don’t blame your website host, GoDaddy,, or anyone else…. Read more »

Dentist Marketing Piece by Piece

Part 4: OFF THE WEBSITE PATH You can have a website, blogsite, and multiple microsites, and each can be well optimized, but you also need to be featured on other sources. You probably have a page at Google Places and HealthGrades waiting to be claimed by you. The following websites offer free profiles, and I’ve… Read more »

Entrepreneur Magazine Article Claims Content is King of Marketing

Finally! A reputable, well known source outside of Google is telling businesses that content marketing is king. In Mikal E. Belicove’s Entrepreneur Magazine blog post, “Why Content is King,” we learn about a report that surveyed 400 marketing pros to find that “twice as many B2B (business to business) marketers employ content marketing as they… Read more »

Changes for Keyword Data from Google Analytics

I’m taking a break from the SEO Piece by Piece series to bring you some news about Google Analytics. Keyword Results Data Visibility Tweaked Google is working to increase security for its users. One new change they’re implementing involves sending signed in Google users (if you’re signed in to Gmail, YouTube, Google+, or any other… Read more »

Dentist Marketing Piece by Piece

Part 3: DENTIST DOMAIN SELECTION TIPS This is part three in our series on dental marketing SEO. I often field questions about domain names for dentists — and I’m happy to do so! Every little bit of SEO credit you can get counts toward the overall results of your website’s rankings. Choosing domain names strategically… Read more »

Dentist Marketing SEO Piece by Piece

Part 2: METADATA for DENTISTS This is part two in our series on dental marketing SEO. Another important factor is metadata, thought it’s not quite as important as dental website content and blogs. There are three primary components to metadata: title tag, description, and keywords. You’ll hear some techies say that keywords are not important,… Read more »

Dentist Marketing SEO Piece by Piece

Part 1: HIGH QUALITY DENTAL CONTENT Over the past few weeks, I’ve harped a bit on what Google wants from dentists when it comes to Internet marketing. If you give Google what it wants, you’ll get what you want from your Internet marketing strategy: higher rankings, which translates into more new patients. The bottom line… Read more »

End of Year Dental Benefits Letter

Most of the dentists I work with would love to be free of insurance for the rest of their careers, and rightfully so. However, in this economy, it’s prudent for some dentists to accept insurance. If you’re one of these practices, you need to remind all of your current patients to take advantage of their… Read more »

No Time for Facebook! Show Me the Money!

More and more, I’m seeing mixed reviews about social media in the business world. Just this morning on LinkedIn, two of the top articles are: “18 Minutes a Day to Social Media Time Management” and “Stop Wasting Time on Social Media.” As a dentist, you run a business (which is a full-time job within itself),… Read more »