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4 Ways To Fight Distractions

Do you ever have those days where you find yourself giving in to the pull of social media, or focusing on anything besides work? Whether you’re in an office environment or a dental practice, distractions from work can pop up and make focusing on any task difficult. Fortunately, there are ways to help fight distractions… Read more »

True or False: Does That Really Matter for SEO?

If you searched a hundred different sources, you may find a hundred different answers to the question, what really matters most to your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings? The differentiation isn’t due to uncertainty; on the contrary, Google (the world’s leading search engine) is pretty clear, albeit fairly extensive, about what constitutes the best online… Read more »

Internet Marketing And Website Design Company Red Flags

Sometimes, even a great relationship hits a rough patch. When you first meet, everything is great and new, but over time small differences can erode and ruin your previously perfect marriage. However, what if you found out you couldn’t divorce the other party? For many people who sign contracts with all-in-one online marketing and website… Read more »

Yes, You Should Still Be Flossing!

At MDPM Consulting, many of our clients are dentists or specialists in the field, such as orthodontists or periodontists. So, you can imagine their shock and disappointment when an Associated Press article claimed flossing was pointless. The August 2nd article examined 25 different peer reviewed studies, and concluded that the evidence used to determine that… Read more »

Check Out The 2016 Southwest Dental Conference

Many of our clients work in the dental field, which is why we want to remind them about the 2016 Southwest Dental Conference. Last year, we were lucky enough to attend the conference and experience all that the event offers our clients, firsthand. The 2016 conference is being held in Dallas, TX, and features continuing education courses,… Read more »

The Truth About Tech Support: They Know Nothing

Tech Support knows nothing until you communicate with them. Let’s face the carbonation in the soda and the reflection in the mirror. You will need to process information, regurgitate it, and mold your message to achieve issue resolution. Like any healthy relationship, solving an issue with your email, website, or social media page involves a… Read more »