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Client Feature: Silver Smiles

For our latest client feature, we want to introduce Silver Smiles, a dental practice located in Silver City, NM. Dr. Caytlyn Foy Bonura provides a range of oral health services from the practice, which can offer routine care in addition to more involved work to address cosmetic and oral health concerns. When patients visit Silver Smiles, they feel confident knowing that their dental health and smile are being supported with modern services. When Silver Smiles needed to replace their old website, we were able to create a new site for them that supplied important SEO features as well as an attractive, modern appearance. As important as a modern website can be, we make sure clients like Silver Smiles also benefit from dedicated online marketing support through the creation of new content, and efforts to reach people with smart social media activity. Read More

Client Feature: Dr. Chan And MMC Dental

In today’s client feature, we would like you to meet Dr. Michael Chan, one of the many talented dental professionals at MMC Dental. Located in Houston, TX, MMC Dental is ready to accept patients with many different needs. Dr. Chan can help you address smile concerns, and show off long-lasting improvements to your appearance and oral health through modern dental techniques. Our goal in providing a new website for MMC Dental was to give everyone on their team a more attractive, SEO-friendly online presence that would help them connect with more people in the Houston area. Just as comprehensive dental work can do more than just give someone a more attractive smile, rebuilding someone’s digital presence is about more than just a better-looking website. While the new MMC Dental site has an appealing modern look, we were also able to include important design features that make it mobile-friendly, and easier for Google to analyze and rank favorably.  Read More

Client Feature: HWB Services

We are excited to introduce everyone to HWB Services, one of our new clients! HWB Services offers important bookkeeping support for other businesses looking to better manage their accounting with QuickBooks software. Businesses of all kinds can benefit from support when it comes to tracking their various costs and sources of revenue. Of course, before a company can take advantage of the QuickBooks support that HWB Services can offer, they have to find them! This is where we come in – by providing support with their website and SEO efforts, we are making it easier for people to locate HWB services online. That increased visibility can turn into more interactions with potential clients, and more opportunities for HWB Services to help people keep their QuickBooks records properly managed! Read More

How We Help Dental Offices Promote A Specific Focus

The right efforts to promote your practice online should lead to the right people finding your website. When we work with clients, we focus on organic SEO efforts that have a better local reach. After all, a visitor to your website from halfway across the country is not likely to set an appointment with you! Our targeted efforts are about more than just geography. For instance, we have a new client, Dr. Steve Brown, whose practice focuses on dental implant work. Rather than push general dental topics, we make sure all of his site’s content is targeting people who would be interested in addressing tooth loss. If your practice has a specific focus, we can tailor your SEO experience in order to help you reach the right people! Read More

Client Feature: Grinnell Street Dental

Grinnell Street Dental’s new website

We would like to introduce you to Grinnell Street Dental, a wonderful client we have worked with for the past six years! Grinnell Street Dental services the Sheridan, WY area, where they help community members deal with dental troubles, missing teeth, and cosmetic smile problems. Drs. Justin and Cody L. Coon and their team provide a friendly atmosphere for patients, on top of terrific dental care. We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with them, too! Over our six year relationship, we have focused on organic SEO efforts to help them reach more people with their online presence. Over time, we’ve become more involved in helping them with their digital marketing needs. In fact, we recently took on the task of replacing their old site with a brand new page! Read More

Client Feature: Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry

Happy Friday! It’s time to get ready for the weekend, and what better way to do so than with a client feature? For years, the team at MDPM Consulting has had the fortune to work with talented dentists from across the country. Each week, we like to give a special shoutout to one of our clients. This week’s client feature highlights the Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry practice in Houston. Dr. Vlachakis and her team use a caring approach and advanced dental technology to deliver excellent care. We had the pleasure of creating a new website for this practice! Read More

Client Feature: Lake Orion Family Dentistry

Friday gives us the chance to give a shout out to one of our amazing clients from across the country! We’re so grateful to the outstanding dentists that we get to help, so each Friday we give one of them a shoutout on our blog. This week’s client feature goes out to a dentist who just received a new blog. Dr. Greenfield and his team at Lake Orion Family Dentistry do amazing work for the citizens of Lake Orion, MI. This week, we want to call special attention to this practice’s new website, and the outstanding service that they provide. Read More

Client Feature: Texas Old Town

Happy Friday, everyone! Friday is one of our personal favorites at MDPM Consulting, because it’s the day of the week that we put a client feature up on our blog! We get to work with amazing dentists from across the country, but we also work with clients in a variety of industries. This week’s client feature gives special attention to a client who is up for a local award! Texas Old Town has established itself as a premiere wedding venue just outside Austin, TX. This awesome team is in the running for an Austin’s Best of the Best award. Read More

Client Feature: Michael Flynn Dentistry

It’s Friday, and that means we’re excited to give a shout out to one of our amazing clients. We are fortunate enough to work on behalf of so many amazing dentists from across the country, so of course we want to give them some recognition. This week’s client feature gives a nod to our client in West Allis, WI, Michael Flynn Dentistry. Michael Flynn and his team offer advanced dental care with a focus on holistic health. In addition to being an excellent dentist, Dr. Flynn’s team uses innovative social media tactics to help increase online engagement. Read More

Client Feature: Dunn Brothers Coffee

Well looky there, It’s Friday once again. We’re big fans of Friday, because this is the day each week that we like to give a shoutout to one of our outstanding clients. While we work primarily with dental offices around the country, we also have clients in other fields. This week’s feature gives the spotlight to Dunn Brothers Coffee in Coralville, IA! Dunn Brothers is a coffee franchise owned by local members of the community. This awesome business embraces their place in the Coralville community, constantly creating opportunities for engagement. Read More