Month: October 2017

Halloween Candy BuyBack And Other Promotion Ideas

On Tuesday, kids across the country will either be going around the neighborhood filling sacks and buckets with candy, or participating in a fall fest or a trunk-or-treating adventure. No matter what, this time of year means kids suddenly enjoy an influx of candy. As a dentist, you know the dangers this can mean for… Read more »

Need Reviews? We Can Help!

Are you lacking reviews? If you only have a couple of testimonials form patients, then you should try and encourage more. A dentist needs reviews to show potential leads that they’re worth visiting. Otherwise, a person may be more likely to choose a different practice in your community. If you need tips on encouraging good… Read more »

The Advantages Of A Mobile-Friendly Website

2017 is quickly wrapping up, in fact, October is almost gone! With that in mind, you need to be looking forward to 2018. When you look at your website on your smartphone, do you see a mobile version, which means it looks more streamlined and has a hidden menu? If not, then you could be… Read more »

Remind Your Patients About Their Benefits

October is almost over, which means we only have a couple more months in 2017. 2018 will be here before you know it, which means patients must use their 2017 benefits soon before time runs out. As a dentist, this is a great topic for a blog or social media post. You can remind your… Read more »

Keeping Your Patients In The Loop

How often do you communicate with your patients? Obviously, when they come into the office for treatment, you talk to them about their oral health and make small talk about what’s happening in their lives. But with social media and blogging, you have a unique opportunity to maintain communication with your patients outside of your… Read more »

The Specter Of Bad Reviews!

Halloween season is when we indulge our greatest fears! For some, this could mean movies about zombies or creepy crawlers. However, for a dental practice, this could mean bad reviews on your Google My Business page or your Facebook page. How should you respond to poor reviews, and what can you do encourage more positive… Read more »

5 Tips For Improved User Experience

User experience is everything. After all, Google’s method of organizing SERP pages is literally designed to improve user experience by offering people a page of optimal results for their query. As a dentist, improving SEO and online marketing means also ensuring a good user experience. What steps can you take to improve?

Let’s Talk About Maintenance Marketing!

As the owner of a dental practice, you often want your online marketing strategies to have one goal: Attracting new patients. While this is essential for helping your practice grow and thrive in your community, you shouldn’t forget about your current crop of patients either. Maintenance marketing, which is crucial for patient retention, is just… Read more »

Is Our Social Media Kit Right For You?

Social media is a unique, and free, way of reaching out to your current patients and hopefully, gaining a few leads in the process. However, for dentists and their staff, finding time to keep these pages active can be difficult. In addition, many simply don’t know what should and shouldn’t be posted, or how often… Read more »

4 Ways To Improve Your Blogging Skills

We’ve been talking a lot about different aspects of blogging lately. Recently we’ve covered tips on writing great titles, the benefits of guest blogging, and why you should take time to write about your community. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about a few ways you can help improve your skills as a blogger!