Month: January 2016

Dr. Bret Shupack At Alki Dental In Seattle, WA Is Live!

At MDPM Consulting, we are always excited when clients debut their new websites. A lot of hard work from our writers, designers, and builders goes into every site. Typically, the website creation process takes between 8 and 12 weeks from start to launch. Not Dr. Shupack’s! From start to finish, Dr. Shupack’s website took only… Read more »

Yankee Dental Congress Is In Session

The Yankee Dental Congress is officially underway! This annual gathering draws professionals from across the country to see, discuss, and learn about the latest in continuing dental education and dental products. In the midst of conference season, we want to remind you how MDPM can help you navigate the abundance of services and products being targeted to dental professionals, especially at… Read more »

Local SEO Guide for WordPress

WordPress (WP) is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the planet, but this isn’t the only reason why MDPM uses it for their clients. MDPM uses WordPress for its flexibility. Very few, if any, other CMS match the customizability WP allows. Here’s another fun statistic: mentions WP as being 50% of the… Read more »

Can Too Many Pages Hurt SEO?

We’ve discussed this a number of times on our blog: A steady stream of content (original, optimized, accurate content) can help improve your SEO ranking. However, is there such a thing as too many pages for SEO? Can you actually hurt your ranking with too much content? What does this mean for blogging?

Make 2016 A Great Content Marketing Year

The 6th annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends— North America study found that 88 percent of B2B marketers and at least 76 percent of B2C marketers used content marketing in 2015. What does that tell us? More and more businesses of all types are embracing content marketing to attract new clients and grow…. Read more »

No Escape at The 2016 Leadership Retreat!

At MDPM, we like to set time aside to work on our team working and leadership skills and discuss what we can do to improve our services. Since our entire team is located in the DFW area, we can all gather at our annual leadership retreat to work on ways to improve workflow and internal… Read more »

The Importance Of Using Your Own Photos

We always recommend having real photos of your team, office, and technology on your dental practice’s website and social media pages. For Facebook and Instagram, iPhone photos get the job done, but investing in professional photography is important. Why? Because it shows that you care about your business, about your image, and about your reputation…. Read more »

Why Does SERP Optimization Matter?

70% of  the search-links that internet users click on are organic. What does this mean for your online presence? It means that your SEO efforts need to focus on the organic listings. A blog helps your website and content show up more often in search engine results. However, the quality of that content is a major… Read more »

How Do You Name A Dental Practice?

What may seem like the simplest step in starting your own practice can often be the most crucial. What are you going to name your business? Remember, your name should help your company stand out and immediately appeal to potential patients. How do you name a dental practice? What should you take into consideration when… Read more »

Google’s Penguin 4.0 Is Coming, But When?

With Google Penguin 4.0, big changes are coming. After its delayed release, it looks as though the much-anticipated algorithm update will drop this year and in real time, as Mike Templeman explains in his latest Forbes article: “…we could expect to see the new Penguin update be released this year. And this is great news for… Read more »