Month: August 2013

Google Alerts: Look Who’s Talking

Have you ever wondered who’s talking about you, and your dental practice, online? You might have googled your name to see where and how often you show up in search results. Oftentimes, however, dentists aren’t aware of being mentioned by a patient, in a social media post or online review. While it isn’t foolproof, Google… Read more »

4 Great Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Website

When WordPress first launched in 2003, it gained a reputation as a blogging platform. Since then, WordPress has acquired numerous awards as the premier open source web application. Open source means that the original source code is available for anyone to modify. In short, for free, anyone can use WordPress as the basis of blog… Read more »

The Perfect Text for a Dental Practice Website

A comment our copy department often hears is: Why isn’t the text on the page _______? The blank can be “shorter,” “longer,” “more in depth,” “less clinical,” “more/less salesy,” “in first person?” Today, I want to share the reasons, and statistics, behind our decisions regarding number of words on a page, vocabulary choice, point of… Read more »

10 Things to Tell Your Dental Marketing Company

The best dental marketing company can help your practice grow, but they can’t do it alone. Why? Because today, people expect a personal touch in marketing – particularly from a private practice, and even more so from a healthcare provider. In the past, a dentist could hang up a sign and patients would book appointments…. Read more »

How Many People Visit Dental Websites on Mobile Devices?

When I first considered the idea of people searching for a dentist on a smart phone, I thought it would only happen in a dental emergency. I sincerely did not believe that people would search for a dentist on their phone – or tablet. Well, we’ve come a long way, baby, and so have mobile… Read more »

Repetitive Blog Topics Part of Effective SEO Strategy

  Pop Quiz: What is the primary purpose of a blog on a dental website? Is it A) to educate patients; B) to get blog followers; C) to get social networking shares and likes; or D) to get more SEO credit? A blog can do all of these things, but the primary purpose of a… Read more »

Bad Google Reviews Botch Great SEO

If your dental website has fallen off page-one Google results, but you’ve not changed your marketing tactics, one or more not-so-great patient reviews may be to blame. Reputation Management Solutions Here’s an email I recently wrote to a client facing this very issue: I see that you were on page one for [City] Dentist consistently… Read more »

Quick Lesson about Keywords

You may already know that keywords are words or phrases you type into a search engine in an effort to find specific information. If you want a home builder, you might type “custom homes Dallas” or “log homes Virginia.” The words in quotations are keyword phrases. A log home builder in Virginia who has optimized… Read more »

Making Dental Website Copy Unique

I’ve been writing website copy for dentists for nearly a decade now, and I’ve had many copywriters and dentists ask me how I can write about common dental procedures hundreds of times and keep each composition unique. “After all,” they say, “a crown is a crown, and a root canal is a root canal.” While… Read more »