Month: July 2012

Top 12 Give Aways for Dental Offices

Branding is important for any business, from a dental office to a carpenter, a daycare center to a superstore. A brand, in short, is the impression you want consumers to have regarding your business — so a brand is really an idea. However, to convey a brand, marketing professionals rely on logos, taglines, mission and vision statements, customer service standards, and tangible items. If your dental practice does not yet have  a logo to unify your online and in-person image, consider investing in one. MDPM has excellent graphic designers and reasonable rates. If you already have a logo, put it into action in your community.

Here are a few hot tips for integrating give aways into your dental marketing plan.You’ll find these items and others in the MDPM marketing specialties store for dentists. Low-cost items are great for handing out at events and schools, while items of greater value can be gifts for smile makeover, dental implant, or full-mouth rehab patients.

Think Seasonal

Universal Items

  • Coffee mugs are a staple! Keep nice, logo’d travel mugs on hand for referring doctors and patients.
  • T-shirts are a must-have, especially if you cater to kids and young adults.
  • Pens will be well received and freely shared among your patients and potential patients. Read More

How Important Is Social Networking for Dentists?

How many new patients have you ever gotten from Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter, Pinterest, MySpace? The answer is probably none, if you’re like most dentists. I’m disappointed in dental marketing companies who shout “social networking” from the hilltops just because dentists, by nature, are interested in new things.

At MDPM, we’ve helped dentists set up Facebook contests, we offer a daily social networking posting service, and we set up Facebook and Google+ Local for all of our clients. However, we do not believe that spending hours a week on social networking will ultimately yield more new patients.

The Purpose of Marketing is to Grow a Business

Website First: Dental marketing aims to get dentists more patients. A great dental marketing strategy can be targeted toward a particular demographic — say, those patients who need dental implants, smile makeovers, or sleep apnea treatment. While Internet marketing is absolutely essential for dental practice growth, social marketing is just one of many tactics savvy dentists should employ (and in moderation). All dental marketing should begin with a well optimized, visually appealing dental website that can be amended as needed, as the practice grows. Branding with a logo, signature color palette, and practice name will tie all of your marketing together. So, create a brand, then build a website. Read More