Month: July 2012

Dental Marketing Hangups, Hold-Ups, and Bad Habits

Dentists are highly intelligent entrepreneurs who appreciate knowledge and education. When it comes to marketing a dental practice, (and I say this will all due respect), dentists generally shape-shift into a raccoon, a Scarlett, or a porcupine. Raccoons… chase shiny objects. Their motto is “I want it all!” Probably deemed a techno-geek or nerd in… Read more »

Top 12 Give Aways for Dental Offices

Branding is important for any business, from a dental office to a carpenter, a daycare center to a superstore. A brand, in short, is the impression you want consumers to have regarding your business — so a brand is really an idea. However, to convey a brand, marketing professionals rely on logos, taglines, mission and… Read more »

How Important Is Social Networking for Dentists?

How many new patients have you ever gotten from Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter, Pinterest, MySpace? The answer is probably none, if you’re like most dentists. I’m disappointed in dental marketing companies who shout “social networking” from the hilltops just because dentists, by nature, are interested in new things. At MDPM, we’ve helped dentists set up Facebook… Read more »

3 Tests to Check a Dental Website for SEO

How can a dentist know if his website is optimized for search? What does it mean if a site does not show in Google for a certain keyword search? If your dental website, blog, or microsite has become lost in the Internet shuffle, there’s a reason. The good news is, unlike periodontal disease, not showing… Read more »

Dental Marketing: MDPM’s Dental Website Packages

In the video below, our COO, Jill Duty explains the important components of an effective Internet dental marketing strategy. Our dental website packages at Modern Dental Marketing provide our clients with top-notch search engine optimization (SEO), original website copy, and inclusions such as social media networking. Original Dental Website Design At MDPM, we do… Read more »

Three Important Elements of Effective Internet Dental Marketing

So you’ve decided that you want to explore the prospect of marketing your dental practice on the Internet? If you’ve done an Internet search on dental marketing, you may be feeling overwhelmed by contradictory and technical information and possibly confused by the verbiage that Internet marketers use. To help demystify SEO and Internet marketing, the… Read more »

Everything Dentists Should Know About Blogging

Why should a dentist have a blog? Google holds over 93% of the market share for search engines, and Google Webmaster Tools Blog tells us that content is king. By providing Google with original, informative blogs about dentistry, you will be rewarded with higher rankings on search engine results pages. Higher rankings mean more visibility… Read more »

Dental Marketing: Improving Your Dental Website

Many new clients come to Modern Dental Marketing because they are unhappy with their current marketing firm or need to update and optimize an outdated dental website. Some clients come to us for dental marketing help because their current dental website lacks important SEO components such as metadata, live text, and keyword rich URLs. If… Read more »