Month: January 2013

Strategic Website Pages Boost Website Rankings for Dentists

When considering your dental practice’s SEO strategy, you’ll first want to select keyword phrases. These terms should be the words that you believe your potential patients will type into Google when searching for a dentist like you, with the services and experience you offer. As a dentist, not an SEO strategist, you may not know… Read more »

Grade Your Front Office Team, Dentists!

Do you wonder how your front office team handles calls? At MDPM Consulting, we’re problem solvers. In some cases, we build a dental website that draws excellent traffic, but something mysterious keeps the dentist’s appointment book from filling up with new patients. We analyze user experience, look at how long visitors remain on various pages… Read more »

What is Content Marketing for Dentists?

Shortly after the first people on our planet created written communication, humans began using the written word to promote ideas and products. Over time, written communication’s form has evolved from papyrus and ash-based ink to paper and pencil, paper and ink, paper and typewriting, to, now, the digital format we use to communicate via the… Read more »

Yelp! Important to SEO for Dentists

Yep. I’m changing my opinion of Yelp! Recently, we encountered a little flutter of negative reviews on Yelp, from people claiming to be clients. All of the bad reviews came within a few days of each other, and one had the same name as one of our very happy clients. We called the client to… Read more »

How to Make Your Dental Website Salable

When building your dental website, you might not think about selling your practice, but you should. Even a new dentist opening his/her first private practice should plan for the future. A solid SEO ranking, good reviews, and a user-friendly website can considerably increase the value of a practice. However, if you make some short-sighted decisions… Read more »

How to Improve Dental Website Rankings

How’s your website traffic? Do you know how many people visit your website, which pages they enter on, which pages are most popular, and how long visitors remain on your site? Do you know where those visitors live or whether they’re using a mobile device? All of this information is important to building a successful… Read more »

Choosing a Dental Website Domain Name

A website domain name is a sequence of characters, that humans can identify with better than numbers, that becomes the Internet address for a webpage. Most often, a domain name includes words that have to do with the business. For instance, the domain name of this blogsite is When you engage in building a… Read more »

HIPAA Forms on Dental Websites: Are You in Compliance?

As a dental marketing firm, MDPM understands the rules and regulations dentists are held to – the standards for doctors are much higher than those for professionals outside the medical industry. Recently, the ADA distributed an electronic newsletter that mentioned the requirement for dentists to have HIPAA privacy practices displayed on their websites. Are you… Read more »