Month: June 2017

How Does Our Social Media Kit Work?

When you routinely write and publish blogs about dental health topics, you help build your online library of expertise. This is vital to build your organic SEO as well as to help deliver useful information to patients who are searching for answers. Sharing those articles can also help boost your engagement on social media—another important… Read more »

FAQs About Updating Your Website

A lot of work goes into creating and maintaining a good website. For that reason, many practice owners are hesitant to make changes or updates, even years down the line. However, a website isn’t a building, it isn’t carved in stone and for good reason. Online, the world moves even faster and what was top-of-the-line… Read more »

Quiz: How Do I Write A Better Blog Post?

Blogging can provide a number of benefits for your website. From improving SEO with a steady flow of new content, to providing a way to show potential patients your expertise, maintaining a blog is a must for a successful dental practice. But how do you write better blog posts?

How Do I Increase Leads?

That is a question our clients often ask. What can they do to increase leads? There are a number of ways you can reach out to your community and hopefully attract new patients, but one of the more overlooked avenues is actually blogging. When done correctly and often enough, posting blogs can offer a significant… Read more »

How Do I Choose A Great Blog Title?

Good question, right? Titles are extremely valuable, and are often the key to pushing a person to click and read your content. But choosing the right title can be difficult. We live in the age of clickbait titles, “5 Things About X That Will Blow Your Freaking Mind” or “Find Out How This Simple Thing… Read more »

Don’t Let Fred Worry You!

Penguin, Possum, Fred, and Phantom: what do these names have in common? They are the names given to recent algorithm updates at Google. In fact, since Google is less and less likely to let people know about updates, “Fred” has become the catch-all name for any changes people notice. For those with SEO strategies, this… Read more »

What Good Is Social Media?

Does your practice have a Facebook page? What about Instagram or Twitter? With so much going on in your office, you may begin to wonder what’s the purpose of a social media account? Well, being active on one or more social networking accounts can have benefits for your practice, from improving SEO to attracting new… Read more »

Let Your Reviews Make A Great First Impression

In our blog, we’ve often referred to your website as a patient’s first impression of you. Well, that may not be accurate. In reality, the first impression a consumer has of your practice would be reviews. Whether you’re 18 or 80, before scheduling an appointment or making a reservation, you probably check out what other… Read more »

What Makes A Great Blog Post?

Blogging offers a number of SEO benefits. In addition, they can help you showcase your expertise and knowledge to your potential patients as well. But what makes a great blog post? How do you write the perfect content to help spread the word about your practice?